A new year reveals a NEW LOOK!

In my years of challenge blogging I have found that getting a jump-start on the next year’s blog is a good idea.  And for some reason with the lazy days of summer, I usually choose this time of the year to start the following year’s design.

During my 2012 challenge blog (Parents Tested Mommy Approved) I decided to not only change up the blog style and make it more professional with additional application, imagery and mobile offerings but I also made the decision to use just one blog address/URL going forward for all my future challenges.  I still plan on changing the theme/style/imagery to match the current year’s challenge but I will be keeping all the information on this one blog address now called 1YearOfMyLife since really… that’s what all my blogs are, one year I have challenged something about my life.

So enjoy and check back for the reveal of my new challenge on January 1st, 2013  and you can review my past challenges on the links below.

Happy Reading!

2011 – Living The Goodwill Life

2012 – Parents Tested Mommy Approved

-Ms. Beautiful Existence

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