2013 is right around the corner

Well, 2013 is almost here because once you take the holidays (Back to School, Halloween, Thanksgiving then Christmas/Chanukah) next thing you know it will be New Years and my new challenge will start!

The one thing I have learned in the years of challenge blogging now is to PREPARE EARLY, so I can get the worm… and two weeks ago my heart sank thinking a major MSN article on a woman’s “diet” was going to steal my spotlight for 2013’s challenge.  But, unlike this dieting lady, I will be documenting, photographing and doing a lot more than watching my weight for 365 days.  Included with this year-long goal is to document a company, its practices, its support of communities and I also have a side goal to create a video compilation of my day-by-day choices through an online crowdfunding platform, so after much research I’ve decided to use IndieGoGo.

I will be posting my IndieGoGo site in December to get my 2013 ball rollin with the company I’ve decided to support.  As we speak I’m in contact with the PR department so they can be fully prepared on the how and why I’ve decided to choose them.

I won’t give away any more clues for now because I’ve already said too much…but come January 1st, 2013 if we don’t all blow up in some kind of Mayan disaster movie scenario, prepare for a Kick-Butt challenge and a chance to win FAME and PRIZES!

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