Ready, Set, Starbucks!

Starbucks giftsThese last couple of holiday weeks I’ve been receiving many gifts to aid in my year-long challenge in 2013 to only eat/drink Starbucks (Tazo, Evolution Fresh) and I’ve been so grateful!  One of the many comments I’ve gotten from people who know about my challenge is “that is going to be expensive!”  So I have been asking for gifts to help and boy did my loved ones come through!

Thanks for everybody that has been supporting this project so far, I do plan to save all my receipts this year and do a tally monthly and at the end of the year.

Another Starbucks topic came up this week when I was with my mother and sister (who works at Starbucks) and it was around Starbucks high value on customer service…

My mother had a recent experience at a Centralia store where she was denied breaking a $100 bill when paying for her coffee.  She ended up leaving and breaking it at a bank then going to another coffee shop and getting her mocha.  When my sister heard this she asked who the person was that denied to break the $100 bill and then went into how much Starbucks really emphasizes customer service and that they shouldn’t have gotten “pissy” about the big bill.

This is one of the reasons I decided to do the year-long challenge with Starbucks; I wanted to help show others what I already knew from family and friend partners (Starbucks code for staff) about all the environmental and job-creation/job-benefits and community building this local company does!  Things like their high customer service standard which is almost obsolete now days with most other companies!  I have two days left till my entire year of ONLY Starbucks starts and the message on my cup from the Centralia store sums it all up…

Starbucks Come Together

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  1. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck on your new adventure! The food at Evolution Fresh is amazing! I’m sure you know this, but the Evolution Fresh, Tazo, and Starbucks card programs are all integrated. You can register a Starbucks Card and earn stars at Evolution Fresh and Tazo. And you can register your EF or Tazo card exactly as a Starbucks card, and use it at Starbucks.

    If I were you, I would drop by the “Evenings Starbucks” too for another set of food options: The mac and cheese, and bacon-wrapped dates are amazing.

    Best of luck in your one year of Starbucks!

  2. starbucks barista says:

    starbucks barista here, totally get that it pisses customers off that we can’t break big bills, but stabucks makes it so we literally can’t. we have to put all 20 bills in a lockbox immediately that CANNOT be opened. and they sweep our draws frequently, so usually we have a few 10s, 5s, and 1s. the barista shouldn’t have been pissy about it, not cool, but it sucks we can’t break big bills. unless someone wants a ton of 5s and 1s back for their grande coffee…

  3. Sarah says:

    I couldn’t do this [I’m vegetarian and like food and cooking way too much to exist on this bland fare] but good luck! I am sure it will certainly be trying.

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