An Evolution of a Resolution

I’ve had plenty of people tell me that “I’m gonna gain weight” when I tell them about this challenge so I’ve enlisted the help of Jillian Michaels to keep off those pounds… Well not the real woman but as good as you can get in Issaquah, her app!

Jillian Michaels app, Jillian MichaelsAs you can see I’m entering in my daily eats and drinks with the caloric count into the app but if the food is already listed then all the information like carbs, proteins, etc. comes up automatically.  But I’ve found that I’ve been entering so many Starbucks (and now Evolution Fresh) items into her app that I don’t always have time to put every bit of info in!  Hopefully the app fairies over at Jillian’s house can finish off the job for all those copy-challengers out there!  🙂

Today started out as another day exploring menus and I picked up a “Nutrition by the Cup” chart when at the Bellevue store and then an Evolution Fresh menu that included the caloric, fat, protein, fiber, sodium and carb information printed at the bottom of each item.  Between these printed charts and the Starbucks app… I should be able to lose that weight!  Or at least keep track of my intake pretty well.

When I visited my local Starbucks stores lately I have dropped off a little “hello” letter for the management and staff to let them know who I was, why I am doing this challenge and where to find me.  I figured that I’d be seeing so many partners in the next 365 that I am going to get to know everyone I can!  But when I dropped off my letter to Lina at the Evolution Fresh store tonight I was met with a wonderful response and then we started talking about me being a Raw-foodist in the past, being raised on an organic farm and Lina took it from there.  What a helpful and friendly lady she is and I even ended up leaving with a plan to do a juice-fast with her and some friends this month!

Talk about a perfect match, Evolution Fresh juice-cleansing and my weight resolutions during the Starbucks challenge.  I’m super excited to see what happens and learn more from Lina and friends!

After Lina highlighted the Evolution Fresh favorites from the different menu categories I left with tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast & lunch options.  Tonight I tried the Kevin’s Quinoa, Kale & Squash bowl and Lina suggested making it a “hot simmer” by adding stock to the bowl.  WOW! is this ever a delicious (and low-calorie, only 375) dinner choice during these cold winter nights!  I then decided to try the Southwest Scramble and the Crystal’s Black Beans & Greens tomorrow.  Before my Evolution visit I picked up some fruit and Simply Nuts & Fruit (a great snacking option) and left feeling assured that my month of weight watching was not only going to turn out to be informative and delicious but you can also say that my evolution (trip) aided my New Year’s resolution!SS Nuts & Fruit

Evolution Fresh

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