Movie night

Last night I was tending to a couple of colds in our family so we decided to make it a movie night on Netflix  by seeing The Lorax and having some… what else? Starbucks butter popcorn!

Starbucks popcorn and The Lorax

The bag is only 150 calories and is nice and buttery, just like movie popcorn!  Movie butter popcorn stats

But even with 240mg of sodium, one bag of Starbucks popcorn has much less sodium than the average small bag of movie popcorn coming in at a whopping 550mg! *center for science in the public interest*

We have been laying low this week making sure the kids get better so that we can take our first The Country Lifetrip this weekend to Nana & Papa’s farm.  Taking a trip to the farm wouldn’t normally be an issue except now because of mommy’s challenge it makes me a bit nervous because the fact is that Nana & Papa’s farm is at least 20 minutes from any Starbucks!  I will be posting all about the trip, what I packed and if we needed to make any trips to the local Starbucks?!

My family is also interested in what items Evolution Fresh offers compared to the juices they stock in the local Starbucks store so I’m going to bring samples to have them test out and report back on with this weekend’s wrap up.

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