Scale Me Up!

Me on scaleSo this is scary… I’m (kind of) putting my weight out there to the world (yes, this has officially been an international blog for weeks) and I’m showing my vulnerable side here people so please BE KIND!

With that said, I got on the scale yesterday and today and I’ve maintained my weight since last week.  I dropped 8 pounds fast in the first two weeks of this challenge and I tried to slow it up a bit this last week by eating that lovely Truffle Mac & Cheese and Bacon-wrapped dates at my first Starbucks Evenings (come on… anything with bacon is BETTER!) but I’m back to watching this figure and hand-writing my daily diet diary to keep track (Jillian Michaels your app is still going haywire!).  So far this week has been all about Evolution Fresh wraps, noodle bowls hard-boiled eggs and of course their green and spicy lemonade juices (also trying to utilize that 20% off coupon till Feb. 7th!).  I picked up a bunch of the almond nut packs at the Starbucks store yesterday and have been enjoying the Tazo Tea, the Refreshers or good old fashion water as my drink choices.  I hope to lose another 2-4 pounds before Valentines month pops up because I already have special plans for a get-away weekend in which a special person is planning on purchasing everything from Starbucks and bringing it with us!  (how thoughtful and supportive is that?!)

So far, so good… this Starbucks diet thing really is working.  Don’t believe me still?  Check out the news from Christine Hall “Starbucks Diet” last year.  Christine and I offer living proof that this calorie counting/losing weight option from the Starbucks menu works!

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