Tea time

Today I visited the University Village Tazo Tea and Evolution Fresh stores and WOW! what an educational experience in tea-nirvana it was!20130109-181512.jpg

I had LOTS of questions being a very green (ha-ha) tea drinker. Mostly I have enjoyed tea iced in the summer or some chai varieties with streamed soy milk on cold days; soon my 20 minute visit turned into this new appreciation for tea related topics from the baked cinnamon apple herbal tea and ginger-infused sugar duo I picked up to the absolutely mouth-watering dinner creations a team member told me about trying on salmon by using their lapsang souchong as a rub.

20130109-181932.jpgI stayed at the Tazo store for a bit to go over their menu and take pictures for this post and while I was there I was approached to take a survey for a free tea coupon. Of course part of my year is to try to find ways to reduce costs so of course I did the brief survey because a free drink is a free drink!20130109-181806.jpg

With all the talk of tea, food and recipes I was more than ready to walk over to the Evolution Fresh store and grab dinner. Tonight I grabbed some hard-boiled eggs and an Ancho Chili Chicken Collard wrap. I swear, every new bite is a new favorite of mine from Evolution Fresh.  The wrap was delicious, simple and filling with only 200 calories to boot!

20130109-195709.jpgBefore I end this post tonight I will add that my attempts to lose weight this month are working.  I’ve already lost another 4 pounds since last week and with limited to no calories in my new Tazo tea (with ginger-infused sugar) I know if I stick to Tazo my month of weight resolutions will stay on this successful path!

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  1. Briah says:

    Be careful to not under-eat. It seems to me you’re losing weight almost too quickly. Kind of the opposite of what I expected, ha!

  2. Cris says:

    I’m not saying this to put you down or make fun of you, but from a friendly stranger reaching out to another that I am genuinely concerned about. This is an incredibly stupid idea. There are other ways to support Starbucks that won’t destroy your health. You are trading your health for a big corporation. You’ll have to explain this to your kids when you get sick. Not if. Your body needs 90 different minerals and vitamins to stay alive and healthy. Not only is your immune system already starving for real nutrition, but you are probably causing your pH levels to be even more acidic, drawing calcium on a daily basis out of your bones just to keep a balance. Being active and exercising without the proper nutrition will not be beneficial to you and only put more stress on your body. Go to HealWithFood.org or NaturalNews.com. There are tons of websites out there where you can learn about real food. Good luck.

    • Cris- thank you for the deep concern, this is a serious question for this challenge that is for sure. I will investigate what you say and let you know that I will be incorporating doctors advice soon. But with what I find through Evolution Fresh’s site, adding their items to my menu is satisfying many nutritional needs. Thanks again & stay tuned!

  3. Good luck with your quest. Do you wonder if you’ll make it through all of 2013? I posted about your quest. http://comicsgrinder.com/2013/01/12/taking-the-starbucks-challenge/ I guess your challenge ends when it ends, if it comes to that.

    • Thanks for the blogger support! It is already turning out informative & interesting, so I can only wonder myself what will happen for another 355 days?! But I’m a pretty dedicated person so hopefully it does end on Dec. 31st 2013 with lots to share on the blog-sphere!

  4. Kendra says:

    Hi – I just found your blog from neatorama. I’m a little confused, and perhaps that’s because I haven’t been to Starbucks much and I’ve only just started reading your blog, but if you are only eating Starbucks food/drink, how did you go to a place called Evolution Fresh to get food? Is that a Starbucks subsidiary or something?

    • Kendra-

      Yes, Evolution Fresh is a new concept that opened here in Seattle last spring. So I am allowing myself any Starbucks food that they own. We also have other Starbucks concept stores like Roy Street Coffee, Tazo tea, etc.

      Great questions. Hope you enjoy learning more about what else Starbucks might offer in other stores eventually!

  5. Hi ! I like your experience ;Good luck with your quest !

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