Weekend Wrap Up 1-13-13

This weekend wrap up is back on topic with the month of January’s focus on New Years Resolutions of weight. Weight loss, weight maintain… and hopefully not weight gain when eating/drinking ONLY Starbucks items!

I weighted myself again on Saturday and found to have lost over 3 pounds this week again. BOY, I never knew I would drop pounds so quickly on a Starbucks diet?! BUT, I do think that is dropping weight a little too quickly (thanks for the discussion on our FB page Morgan) so I am incorporating some baked goods again and ate 1/2 a molasses cookie with my son on Saturday and 1/4 of an oatmeal cookie (again with both my son’s) on Sunday. I’ve been trying to keep track of all my food choices for weeks on the Jillian Michaels app but found out last week that the app is having some “bugs” and is doubling up certain items on some days and deleting the entire food log of other days?! So, I think I’m going to just take notes the old fashion way from now on and make sure that I don’t lose information anymore.

Weekend choices:

Saturday: oatmeal, decaf tea, nut pack, Evolution Fresh orange juice/nut pack, 1/2 molasses cookie, Tarragon chicken salad sandwich,water/chicken chipotle wraps (not my favorite), water, 1/2 cup java chip ice cream

Sunday: oatmeal, decaf tea/1/4 oatmeal cookie, nut pack, goat cheese bistro box/Kevin’s Quinoa hot simmer, water and Defense Up Evolution Fresh juice (feel a tinge of this cold coming on)

Besides the watching calories portion of this challenge (and because of comments from readers all over the world this last week) I’m also now tracking my sodium levels and making my future purchases based off of four main criteria: 1) Cost 2) Calories 3) Sodium 4) Volume. I’m hoping that this updated equation helps me keep my weight consistent (or at least only losing 1-2 pounds a week) and keep those average daily costs down. I think that I freaked everybody out last week when the media went crazy with the $18-$20 dollars a day average that I was spending (on the day that I was interviewed) but NO, I’m not averaging that high of a daily cost! And I’m also trying to see how much money I can save on this challenge too, so the cost is going into the equation from now on too.

Evo Fresh juice tasting samplesSpeaking of saving money… Sunday night I used the Evolution Fresh COUPON that just came out for 20% off your entire order (one customer, one coupon per day). I was SO EXCITED to save money! *Thanks for the coupon (available to anybody) Starbucks, I really needed that!*

One of the reasons I was so excited about the coupon was because I attended Lina’s (the Bellevue Evolution Fresh Assistant Manager) juicing event with my kids! So actually that coupon was for multiple people and for multiple days worth of my food/drink intake, but at least I can use the coupon again up until February 8th. So between the excellent juice information from Lina (on her own time with friends and NOT as a representative of Evolution Fresh) and spending the time with my family, it was a most enjoyable evening! Just look at how much fun we all had…

Evo Fresh juice tasting BubsOur family enjoying their Evolution Fresh juice tastings…

Lina filled us all with tons of information and a lot of the great Evolution Fresh juice flavors too!

Thanks to Lina and friends, Evolution Fresh Bellevue staff and my family for a great end to this week!

Evo Fresh juice tasting store shotEvo Fresh juice tasting Bubs and I

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  1. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    good. i was worried about your pocketbook, too! i find this fascinating and can’t wait to follow your progress.

  2. Ana Elisa Lau says:

    Hope you succeed in your diet plan without damaging your body… Even though it’s a crazy idea and a risk you’re taking, I consider it an interesting project that I’ll be following… Good luck!!

  3. vartanoise says:

    I know your doing well with your dieting via starbucks and especially with evolution fresh… we are all rooting fo you lady!

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