Weekend Wrap Up 1-21-13

This is the Weekend Wrap Up for January 21st, 2013 (otherwise known to Americans as Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

Friday was supposed to be the evening we took our first trip to my family’s farm but I stayed in Seattle to meet up with some friends for my first Starbucks Evenings.  The Starbucks EveningsStarbucks Evenings Truffle Mac & Cheesewine and food options at both the Olive Way Starbucks and a Starbucks “inspired” shop called Roy Street Coffee were fabulous to all that attended and I will be back for more evenings with friends and special guests!

After Friday’s wonderful events I popped into the Bellevue Evolution Fresh store and packed up for the trip to the farm.  I picked up a new dinner choice of the Evolution Fresh Buckwheat Noodle BowlBuckwheat Noodles Hot Simmer bowl with added chicken breast (per employee suggestion) and I was told it would “sort of” taste like chicken soup but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t taste like Campbell’s but it tasted like a wonderful chicken Pho’ soup and anybody that knows me knows that I LOVE ME some Pho’!  So this meal is definitely going to be able to substitute for my Pho’ cravings for 2013 easily!

I picked up a variety of Evolution Fresh juices to have my family try while at the farm.  Evolution Fresh packed up for travelI have been having a conversation with family members who are partners and they don’t have all the choices we do around Seattle so I had to share!  I brought down a their wonderful Strawberry Lemonade, their tarty-goodness in the Ginger Limeade, their staple OJ (to test against other orange juices like we did last week at the Evolution Fresh store) and a Carrot Orange Mango.  Since I was on a role when I ordered my items to go I also picked up a couple of pre-made sandwiches, the Turkey and carmalized onion and the Grilled Chicken breast… I also decided to try their smoothies for the first time and picked up the Pineapple smoothie with greek yogurt.

Bubs and CowWhile at the farm we did the normal feeding of the animals, which my youngest LOVES to do!  There were all sorts of animals just loving Leroythe extra attention from us…the cows, the bunnies, the chickens and even the farm’s mascot, Leroy the Bull Mastiff! (How could you not just LOVE that face?!!)

I also pulled out those Evolution Fresh juices for everybody to try out… Nana liked the same tarty-goodness that I do with the Ginger Limeade, my oldest took the whole bottle of Strawberry Lemonade (after tastes were given) and my youngest took all the OJ.Nana trying Evolution Fresh

Then it was time to say goodbye to the farm.  We packed up what Starbucks items were left and headed north.

We hope everybody had a great holiday weekend!  Now back to regularly scheduled programming… and the last two weeks of my New Years Resolution to LOSE WEIGHT while on my Starbucks only year.  Next up is a weighing-in to see where I am… the first in almost two weeks?!  *shutter*

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