Weekend Wrap Up

Over the weekends of busy families, it’s not always easy for a mommy to post every little thing that goes on even though there are many things to talk about! So today is the introduction to my #WeekendWrapUp posts. Basically a small blow-by-blow of topics from Friday to Monday mornings. So here is the first Weekend Wrap Up!


#GoHawks and StarbucksToday is a big day for our local Seattle Seahawks and our whole town has gone #12thMan on everybody! Including this blog with my own Starbucks version of my support. This time SUPER BOWL ALL THE WAY!!! (last time we were ROBBED!)

2. Besides the obvious that’s about to take up an entire Sunday for most Washingtonians… I would like to say that two of my newly tried dishes from Starbucks and Evolution Fresh have been so YUMMY! The Turkey Rustico Panini is going to become a staple sandwich for me, and the Quinoa-Kale-Spinach dinner (hot simmer) is just so low in calories (305 cal) and so filling that I had to have a second one this weekend!

3. My January plan to monitor my weight and possibly LOSE WEIGHT is working! Happy to report that this week I have lost 2 pounds! I didn’t hit the treadmill hard yet because of an auto-accident last year that keeps me in pain a lot with limited lifting and maneuverability most days. But the doctor does want me to get more active so hopefully the added exercise will help shed more pounds! But I do have to keep to my Jillian Michael’s app and watch those calories, no splurging on cookies and Venti Caramel Macchiatos yet!

4. GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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