Weekend Wrap-Up Oscar style

This Oscar weekend was FULL of parties for this Starbucks fan!  So let us get to it!…

Friday was a Purim costume parade with the youngest to start the weekend festivities with a BANG!  Speaking of which… I had my first taste of the Starbucks VIA Vanilla flavored coffee which was light, refreshing and perfect for my custom-designed Starbucks Oscar-inspired reuseable cup!

Oscar Starbucks cup

That night we also took a trip to the farm and got stuck in I-5 southbound traffic at JBLM which ended up doubling our trip time to 5 1/2 hours?!  This normally wouldn’t be an issue except all I brought was one pack of Starbucks Dry Roasted Almonds & a Starbucks Refreshers Strawberry Lemonade  so by the time we got to the farm, spent a couple of hours there then made it back to the nearest Starbucks Drive-through in DuPont I was absolutely STARVING!!  I learned really quick on Friday night that I better stock my car & purse with more Starbucks snacks ASAP!  LESSON LEARNED!

Saturday day was pretty mellow in preparation for a party my oldest and I attended that night in Seattle.  We decided to hit up Roy Street Coffee again for some dinner and while we were there I utilized my FAVORITE new app Vine to make a fun little video about this absolutely lovely “Starbucks-inspired” gem!  Sign up for this wonderful app and see the video or on my Facebook page.

The party Saturday night was LIVE!  The crowd was ELECTRIC!  And we both had a fabulous time stage-front for Washington-based musicians Oscillator X!  Richard J Dalton was also pretty entertaining in that chicken costume!  🙂

Oscillator X

Sunday was the Purim carnival and mommy stocked up in the drive through on a Venti, 2-pump vanilla, soy latte, a hot chocolate and Starbucks Bacon and Gouda Artisan breakfast sandwiches for the boys prior to party-time.  Getting to any party ahead of time, especially with toddlers, is highly advised because the crowds are still forming and by the time you spend two fun-filled-popcorn-jumpy castles-and-cotton-candy-hours in a gym… Toddler burn-out ratio is spiking off the scale!!  But most of the time we all were super happy and that Starbucks coffee did the trick for mommy!

Next was the Oscars… but I have to admit, I’m not a huge TV fan so I just watched my friend Kim’s Facebook feed and the twitter feeds both of which are so much more entertaining than the red carpet show with yet again, another pretty dress *YAWN*.  Kim, you need your own FB reality show darlin, your stuff is FUNNY!

An eventful and fun weekend full of Starbucks with this week wrapping up this month’s focus of I HEART Starbucks.

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