Weekend Wrap Up – Presidents Day edition

Today is Presidents Day in America.  A day to take rest, remember those men (and hopefully woman soon!) that have directed our country for hundreds of years.  It’s a Holiday for many of us… which means a day that many will spent at a Starbucks  store at one point or another.

So first the Weekend’s Wrap Up…

This weekend was pretty mellow considering that Valentines Day was last week, Presidents Day is today and I have some big things on the horizon for this blog coming up!  I also have been working to get a great story about this month’s focus I HEART Starbucks and Heart-Health related information from a Cardiologist friend.

So Saturday night was a nice Starbucks Evening

Starbucks Evenings Chicken skewers

And today I popped open my first Starbucks DoubleShot Energy drink, YUM!

Starbucks DoubleShot Energy drink

Enjoy your day off all you Americans out there, preferably at your local Starbucks store… and remember to Tweet your Starbucks photos and/or updates because I’ve been re-tweeting many of the creative, funny and honest ones throughout each day and would love to see your version of a Patriotic Presidents Day Starbucks Cup too!

Presidents Day Starbucks Cup

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