Weekend Wrap Up *SUPER BOWL 2013 Edition*

Yep, today is that all holy of football holidays for Americans… the SUPER BOWL!  Honestly, since my beloved Seattle Seahawks lost their chance to play it’s been over for our 12th man but I thought I would at least support the event itself and do it up Starbucks Style!

#GoHawks and Starbucks

Before I get into the big game-day plans I thought I would start with the first half of the weekend… a resort retreat.

I am a very blessed lady for many reasons, one of which is because I have an amazing amount of loving people in my life that support my challenges completely!  I say I’m lucky to have these people in my life for many reasons but this weekend one of them really surprised me and treated me to a wonderful local resort AND if that wasn’t enough they also gave me a Starbucks Evenings wine, dinner & dessert catered in personally!  I literally walked into the resort with the only bag I needed for the trip… a large-size Starbucks bag!

Starbucks To Go

I immediately was happy to find that they had Starbucks french press available in the rooms but their fridges were stocked with Nantucket Nectars and NOT our fabulous local Evolution Fresh?!  At least I had my own Evolution Fresh juices to stock my fridge with!

Evolution Fresh in Willows Fridge

The Starbucks Evening menu items that I had (Parmesan Crusted Chicken tenders, Bacon-wrapped dates, Truffle Mac & Cheese, Blu Brie Cheese plate, Chocolate fondue and the bottle of red wine) were amazing… even to-go!

Starbucks Catered In

This weekend was all about relaxing so a major bubble bath and some snuggle time with my Boston Terrier were just what this mommy needed!

Sake and Mommy

The stay was wonderful, entertaining and definitely relaxing.  Thanks to the staff at The Willows Lodge for their hospitality and I would definitely like to come back and explore the wineries around the area (once my 2013 year of only Starbucks is over of course!).

Beautiful Bubble Bath

Okay, okay… back to the BIG TOPIC this weekend!  FOOTBALL!

So my original Seahawks Starbucks cup was such a hit on Twitter and Instagram last month (when the Seattle Seahawks were still in the running) that I decided to put up the SUPER BOWL Starbucks cup for today’s game too!

Starbucks Super Bowl

Besides getting ready for the game with my trusty Starbucks cup I decided to try my first “recipe redo” and make a SUPER BOWL favorite dish… Chicken Nachos!

Chicken Nacho items

Starbucks doesn’t make chicken nachos you say?  Yes, they don’t have chicken nachos YET in their bistro boxes but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have the ingredients to make some yourself from what they do sell!  I took 3 of their Chicken Chipotle Wrap and 2 of their Cheese and Fruit bistro boxes, added 5 bags of their Sweet Potato tortilla chip bags and the smoky chipotle hummus sauce from the Starbucks Evenings menu to make this dish.

I just put all the chips in the dish, shredded all the cheese from the two bistro boxes (except the brie, I ate that with the apples for breakfast this morning) and sprinkled the chicken that I had chopped up on top.  I added the salsa from the bistro boxes with the smoky chipotle hummus dip (which is fabulous together), tossed some of the diced peppers from the Starbucks Evening dish on top and VOILA!  Chicken Nachos a la Starbucks!

Starbucks Chicken Nachos

We hope that you all enjoy your SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!

Super Bowl 2013

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3 Responses

  1. Chris Cates says:

    Check out my funny song and vid I did for the game today called “Super Bowl Sunday” http://365songsfor2010.wordpress.com/2013/02/03/super-bowl-sunday-song-2/

  2. jean claude says:

    tres super, de passer un bon week-end avec les amis ; hier pendant le culte j’ai partager mon temoignage a l’eglise . je te felicite Existance pour ta determination.

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