A Starbucks Seder

Yesterday we attended a Seder at my youngest son’s school to help celebrate Passover early in his classroom.  We brought in all the traditional Seder foods…

Seder Food Items

And other goodies were also brought in so that the buffet table (separate from the Seder table) was certainly full of delicious choices! But what happens when you are only eating & drinking everything from Starbucks? Can you partake in a Seder? Well I’ve now experienced this question first hand and the answer is YES!  Yes you can get most of your Seder food items (obviously not Kosher though) at your local Starbucks store!

As the list of traditional Seder food items above shows, I was able to purchase a Chicken and Hummus & a Protein Bistro Box and get most of the items needed to go along with everybody else!

Starbucks Seder plate

Now in no way am I advocating purchasing Starbucks Bistro Boxes for your Seder, you obviously cannot get everything at a Starbucks but it is an interesting question that came up for me this year and I obviously wanted to be able to partake in the history, significance & social gathering of this special event!  So happily I was able to find most of the food items in these two Starbucks Bistro Boxes that would allow me to join in!

PLEASE NOTE: I do not write this post to offend any religious person or group, just to inform my reading audience about my personal experiences during my year-long challenge. In every way I truly wish all those that are celebrating Passover this week the best of times sharing this special occasion with family & friends!  And for those that celebrate other events (such as Easter) you’ll be happy to know I have those gatherings on my horizon as well, so expect to see what I can do with Starbucks dishes in many ways throughout this year special occasion or not!

Starbucks Seder plate Bubs and I

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