Happy Anniversary Evolution Fresh!

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the Evolution Fresh store in Bellevue, WA and boy did I start my day off with a BANG!

First I was fortunate to meet with Kevin (yep, the Kevin that created the delicious Kevin’s Quinoa bowl!) and Marianne from the head office but then they hosted a tasting party for the three of us, AMAZING!  But before I get into all the deliciousness of their products… we had to start out the morning with a toast because it is a special day!

Evolution Fresh Anniversary toast

I of course came with a set of questions but the reality was that Kevin and Marianne’s enthusiasm for Evolution Fresh spoke for itself!  The excitement about this new Starbucks brand is quickly catching fire amongst many people like Bethenny Frankel who started tweeting about their juices last week, and of course on the smiling faces of their “Juice Partners” who are brand advocates, educators and always light up when talking about the possibilities their healthy choices bring to the world’s palate!

The amount of information I could write about from this meeting is endless, so I will be posting a follow-up piece with even more juicy (pun intended) tidbits of the buzz behind Evolution Fresh later this month.  For now let me bring you into some of the “box of crayon colors” that Evolution Fresh‘s food and juice offer because THIS is what natural food should LOOK like!

Evolution Fresh Kevin's Quinoa bowls

Both of these dishes are the Kevin’s Quinoa bowl… fabulous choices right!  One is served hot (or what they call a “simmer”) for those cooler days/nights and then one is served “traditional” (or cool) for your sunny or warmer weather, genius!  Also pictured were the amazing Field of Greens juice and Smooth Green smoothie, both are as equally yummy!  This is one of the ingenious qualities to this brand, diversity of healthy eating and drinking options, which match with their main goal which is to serve…

Delicious, Nutritious and Accessible Juice and Food!

Evolution Fresh Sweet Burn

This sample was the first time I’ve tried their Sweet Burn juice, that is handcrafted from their “Juice Wall” which pulls from a variety of fresh flavors to specially blend your own creation… a concept that I have not fully explored yet but believe me I’m going to!  I fully plan on putting together my own “Beautiful Blend” of juice because this kind of creativity is what the Evolution Fresh experience is about… those crayon boxes of food and juice colors, that unique blend of items that you can custom design to make your own, that desire to help evolve your palate to a NUTRITIOUS but also equally DELICIOUS one!

Of course I had to pick up some items to go while there AND since it’s a month of SAVING MONEY at Starbucks… I used one of my Evolution Fresh coupons!

Evolution Fresh coupon

But if you don’t have a coupon HERE IS A COUPON to help them celebrate their 1st year anniversary.  Thanks Evolution Fresh for the savings!!

Evolution Fresh 1st Anniversary Coupon

Marianne pointed out to me that this month is National Nutrition Month at our meeting… so why not start your own new good and good-for-you journey and try that Evolution Fresh juice in your local Starbucks store!  Or if you’re in the Seattle or San Francisco area grab a bite to eat.  Believe me, your body and palate will thank you!

Happy 1st Anniversary Evolution Fresh!  Here’s to many years of Delicious, Nutritious growth!

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    Thanks for the money saving coupons!! Happy anniversary Evolution Fresh!

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