Nature and Nurture

Today we leave for the extended holiday weekend to visit family on the farm.

I LOVE visiting my family’s farm and so do my boys… a slower pace, our family around, being close to nature and the marvels of her beauty, farm life is a blessing unlike any other!

The Farm

Speaking of nature… when we come back it will be April 1st (no, I don’t do any April Fool’s pranks sorry) but no foolin… starting April 1st I will be asking the WORLD to participate in a month-long focus on the environment, our eco footprints and our service to humanity and our earth in honor of two special events: Earth Day AND International Mother Earth Day on April 22nd and Starbucks “Global Month of Service” happening all April long.

1 Year Of My Life Earth Day Challengera

My challenge is hosted on the International website and comes with a GREAT Starbucks gift to the winner!  So go check out this weekend, sign up and start thinking about how YOU can help make a positive impact during the month of April with your service to humanity and/or our earth.

The challenge is easy… just sign up on and submit your image, song, audio recording, video, poem WHATEVER you think depicts being Green, Eco, Environmental or basically a steward of the earth and the winner will be posted on April 22nd.

1 Year Of My Life Earth Day Challengera Prize

I will also be posting images of my month-long challenge on during this time… what’s my challenge?  To save ALL of my containers from all the items I purchase in April to see just how much waste is created and how much can be recycled!  I will be adding to this eco-footprint collection the secondary challenge to try and LIMIT my packaging as much as possible for the whole month! logo

So follow along on or their Facebook page to see how my monthly eco-footprint totals are going and add your idea of what being Eco is to the challenge!

Starbucks Global Month of Service

Have a wonderful weekend celebrating your special events everybody!

Let’s paint the entire month of April Starbucks GREEN!

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  1. Karen Longabaugh says:

    Happy Easter Beautiful!! :o)
    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate and admire you for the impact, encouragement, and motivation you instill in others to make a difference in a positive way in their world and our world as a whole. Keep up the great work!! You’re a blessing!

    Love you,
    Aunt Karen

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