Saving Money at Starbucks – Interview with Christine Hall

Christine HallThis week I had the honor of interviewing Christine Hall for the second time.  Christine is the lady that lost all that weight on the “Starbucks Diet” and I followed her advice in January and ended up losing weight too so for my Saving Money at Starbucks March-long focus I figured she would be a good authority on this topic too… and she was!

So here is what Christine had to share with us all when it comes to Saving Money at Starbucks…

#1 Get a Starbucks Gold Card!  For those of you who do not have a Gold Card (or have not been using it to your full advantage) the biggest tip is to rack up those stars!  Because the rules are that you can spend your reward on a drink OR food item for every 12 stars you get, and this is the best part…you can get a star EVERY TIME you ring something up at the register!  So, if you want a latte, a bag of popcorn and a cake pop to bring home to your son… ring them up seperately and you will get 3 stars instead of only 1!  Now of course if you are in a crazy-long line… don’t ask your partner to ring up 20 items individually unless you want to be leaving a nice fat tip because, well that’s just not okay to do to our beloved partners!  But, if you ask for seperate tabs here and there, or if the store is not busy go back later after you’ve finished your latte and then pick up the cake pop to take home… cha-CHING!  You just earned your stars quicker for a FREE Starbucks item…and you know we all LOVE those FREE Starbucks items!

Another tip Christine clued me in on concerning the Gold Card is that you should give your Gold Card to a friend when they order (if they don’t already have one) so their purchase goes on your card!  One way or another somebody should be getting a star at the register and collecting their way to more FREE Starbucks goodies!

Also, did you know that you get FREE refills on coffee if you are a rewards member?  YEP!  And Starbucks is having a promotion Starbucks $5 promotionright now that if you sign up as a loyalty card member (by March 14th, 2013) you will get $5 dollars, so sign up your card today and start saving!

#2 Always bring your own mug, or as my marketing team presented last Friday bring your new Starbucks reusable cup!  This way you are always saving .10 cents every time you purchase a drink.  And Christine added that she only purchases regular coffee (to keep those calories and pounds off) and she only purchases it in a SHORT size.  Did you know that Starbucks made a short size?  Well they do, so ask for that size with your regular coffee order and you will save another .10 cents off the tall cost!

#3 Ask those partners!  There is a reason that Starbucks employees (partners) know so much… we WANT them too!  Get to know your local partners, ask them about specials or discounts on how to save money.  They know what promotions are currently going on or might be coming up and they certainly will want to help you with your questions!

Thanks again to Christine Hall and all her wonderful advice on how to SAVE MONEY at Starbucks!  Watch in the coming months for Christine to be gracing the pages of one of your popular women’s magazines with her Starbucks Diet ideas!

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  1. vartanoise says:

    This is one of the best starbucks write up’s you have done Beautiful. I hope to read abut christine this next month in i think you said women’s world?

  1. April 3, 2013

    […] This past weekend, with all the sunny-natural goodness we had on the family farm it was easy to slip into April and what is known as an “Environmental” month with no problem.  But I do have some March housekeeping to report out on, since March’s month-long focus was on Saving Money at Starbucks. […]

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