Weekend Wrap Up – Passover Edition

This weekend was full of celebrations!

First of all, Friday was an early Seder dinner at my youngest son’s classroom.  And in true Starbucks style I tried making a Starbucks Seder plate as best I could…

Starbucks Seder plate

It worked out pretty well with most of the items needed found from the contents of two Bistro Boxes (Protein and Chicken & Hummus) and an almond pack.

Starbucks Seder plate Bubs and IThe celebration was successful, and everybody had a great time!

Then Saturday and Sunday were spent with my oldest for his big 13th birthday!  I cannot believe I’m a parent to a teenager now… but the hour we spent shopping at the Nordstrom cologne counter gave me a pretty good idea where we are heading for the next few years!

Sheraton Starbucks

You know it’s going to be a great stay when the room has Starbucks coffee to start your day!

Sheraton Starbucks Morning

I missed getting dinner at the Evolution Fresh downtown store on Saturday night because we were shopping so late, but I made up for it on Sunday!  And took a bunch of Vine videos this weekend about our downtown Starbucks experiences including one at a store I’ve always loved…the Westlake Starbucks.

Vine Westlake Starbucks screen shot

Westlake Center Starbucks

Many more things coming up this next week…


2)  This weekend’s trip to the family farm & our Easter family gathering (see what I do with Evolution Fresh and Tazo Tea products for the event!)

3)  In ONE WEEK I will be launching on the International challenge social media site: Challengera.com!

Challengera.com logo

Sign up on their site now and get ready to showcase your Eco, Green and Environmental side in my challenge (which will be launched on April 1st through 22nd) in honor of International Mother Earth Day AND Starbucks Global Month of Service for a chance to win a fabulous Starbucks prize!

Starbucks Global Month of Service

Mother Earth Day logo

Have a GREAT week everybody!

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  1. Karen Longabaugh says:

    Hi Beautiful! :o)
    I’ve been enjoying following your blog! Have a wonderful weekend with the family! Hugs to you all! Love, Aunt Karen.

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