What A Week!

This week has been full of goodies!  First of all the 1st year anniversary that I spent at Evolution Fresh

Evolution Fresh Anniversary toast

Then my (Starbucks partner) sister and I had a FABULOUS DAY full of birthday shopping and her trying Evolution Fresh and Tazo Tea for the first time over at University Village!

Tazo Tea sign

When I walked in Aaron was gracious enough to greet me and show me around to the new products where I discovered a new favorite treat!  Biscotteas!  I picked up the Mint box (per Aaron’s suggestion) and OMG… these things were gone in like 1 minute in my house!  I planned on enjoying them with my Tazo Tea the next morning but EVERYBODY LOVED THEM!  So nope… all gone.  I guess Mommy will just have to make another trip to UV this weekend and pick up a special-secret-stash of these new amazing treats!  If you are at the Tazo Tea store definitely pick up a box (they have an assorted box with each flavor PERFECT for parties! and other flavors like Blueberry & Earl Grey which I plan on trying soon).

Tazo Tea Biscottea

Then, after a full afternoon at University Village we hit the Marion Oliver McCaw Hall for the Starbucks Partners meeting!

To be a Partner 2013

Sybil and I at Starbucks Partner meeting

When we arrived at our parking garage we noticed an interesting place that we ended up exploring when we left the meeting… a FABULOUS urban garden on the top of the parking garage!  I am a HUGE supporter of MORE GREEN in Urban landscapes and saving and frequenting the ones we have been blessed with here in Washington state because we are surrounded with natural beauty and any little bit we can add is ALWAYS a great thing!!  BTW… I did four Vine videos this day (I was a BUSY GIRL!) and the garden one took the prize for most commented and watched!  Thanks KEEN for favoriting my cute little “Seattle Urban Gardening Green Poetry” video!  I am enjoying watching your Vine’s on your headquarters!  It looks like SUCH A FUN PLACE to work… I’ll have to visit one day!

Urban Farming on top of parking garage Seattle

Then of course, what do you do in Seattle on a sunny day but go to Pike’s Place Market and Starbucks original store!

Sybil and I at Starbucks #1

Believe me… there were coupons (the Evolution Fresh anniversary coupon), and partners discounts galore going off this week!  So no sleep for the Saving Money at Starbucks for sure!  This weekend is another one of downtown Seattle hotels for Birthday parties AND the announcement of my launch on an international web site in less than two weeks that YOU can be apart of!  Stay Tuned!

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  1. thanks for your terrific comments about our Biscottea shortbreads -we are Seattle based and although sell Biscottea and its companion brand Bis*coffee all over the world,( well 16 countries but whose counting), nothing is more exciting than having Biscottea available locally at the Tazo store.
    Laurance and Derek, Biscottea Baking Co.

    • Never a problem, we all ADORE your shortbreads and I plan to make another trip to the UV Tazo Tea store this week to pick up the other flavors for this weekend’s family gathering and Easter celebration so they can try them too! Do you have tours? I would LOVE to know more about how you got started, where you get your ingredients and inspiration! I’m sure I’ll be showcasing them many more times this year, especially knowing that you are HOME-GROWN in Seattle now!

      • laurance says:

        Terrific to hear from you….no tours but happy to host a tea for you at our Ballard offices with Biscottea and Tazo and Bis*coffee Shortbread with Starbucks coffee.

        We were featured on Unwrapped on the Food Network a few years back and this might give you an idea ( although dated now) of how the products are produced – easier than a tour


        With regards


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