Focus on Green

This past weekend, with all the sunny-natural goodness we had on the family farm it was easy to slip into April and what is known as an “Environmental” month with no problem.  But I do have some March housekeeping to report out on, since March’s month-long focus was on Saving Money at Starbucks.

March Starbucks Savings

The month of March my goal was to get 70% of my receipts to have a savings on them, unfortunately I only got around 52% of my receipts to show a savings, but I did save a total of over $47.00 in all my Gold Card freebies, coupons and by bringing my own cup!

This bringing my own cup is a goal I am keeping going forward into April since this month’s focus is on being GREEN, not just money green but Earth or Environmentally GREEN as well and to do that I’ve decided to CUT WASTE (meaning my packaging).  How am I going to CUT WASTE?  Well mostly I’ve decided to spent a large part of my month at an Evolution Fresh store so that I can purchase items in their bowls and then take them to-go with my own container instead of the containers provided by the store.  For this month of CUTTING WASTE I went over to the Bellevue Whole Foods store and purchased a to-go container specifically for this…

Whole Foods To Go box

Yesterday and today were the first days of going to Evolution Fresh in Bellevue and so far so good!  In fact, really GOOD!  I can never get sick of this place and the menu items… so natural and so incredibly good for you!  I did a two-day Evolution Fresh juice cleanse last week and boy did I have energy and felt great for days afterwards!

Evolution Fresh To Go

I fully expect this month to be successful at CUTTING WASTE, especially when eating/drinking at Evolution Fresh mostly!  This goal is not only to help keep my waistline in check (which most have already noticed that I’ve now dropped over 30 pounds since the start of my Starbucks “diet” year!) but to also keep my focus to be as GREEN as possible by both saving money and by CUTTING WASTE by bringing my own to-go containers!

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