How Much Can You Help?

Today is the last day of Starbucks Global Month of Service… a call to participate in your communities for good, hashtag #extrashotofgood.

I did a double #extrashotofgood this month, one at the Issaquah Food Bank

Starbucks Partners at Issaquah Food Bank

And the second at the Bellevue 10k/5k this last weekend…

Lena and Cristal from Evolution Fresh

Also, today is the last day of me collecting ALL of my Starbucks packaging for this month in an attempt to reduce my waist AND show what you can recycle!  So here is my visual results of ALL my packaging for April…

April Starbucks Packaging Totals

Not that much huh?!  I tried to reduce my packaging this month by doing a couple of things…

1.  I took advantage of using my own reusable packages at Evolution Fresh

Whole Foods To Go box

2.  I cut down even more by ordering from a Starbucks Evenings and had them serve my order on plates… only to take the rest of my food to go in a reusable container too!

Starbucks Evening Blue Brie Cheese plate

3.  I also cut out buying some staple items like the Evolution Fresh hard-boiled eggs, or the Starbucks Dry Roasted Almonds just so that I could cut down my packaging that I found wasn’t as easy to recycle!

Tomorrow is a new month, and a new focus that I’m super excited to share with you!  So check back in and I hope you all had a wonderful April FULL of Earth-goodness serving, recycling, reducing & helping!

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