Starbucks Green

There are many ways that Starbucks gives to be a more environmentally-minded person, like their suggestions on this packaging…

Starbucks recycle quote on bags

Or how about this eco-message on the bottom of their paper bags…

Starbucks Reuse quote on bag bottoms

And I did you know about the Starbucks recycled shipping container stores?  Talk about putting your environmental footprint into effect!  I did a post on my personal blog, Green Coffee for St. Patrick’s Day, on the container store here in south Seattle back in 2012 because it’s such an amazing store!  I hope to visit the Colorado store in coming months for my Starbucks Summer travels…

Starbucks shipping container store

Starbucks shipping container store drive through

So with all this Environmental inspiration from Starbucks I’ve been looking for unique ways to reuse or recycle their packaging and this week we found another way… my youngest son’s school uses many recycled materials for projects, so we collected all our bottle tops and gave them to his school!

Starbucks lids for SJCC ECS

recycled Starbucks bottle tops

As you can see the school has huge bins for recycled materials you can collect at home that they can use on things like bottle tops to create art… much in the way this great post shows on Mrs. Art Teacher.

Bottle Top Art for Kids

My youngest son’s school also is building a recycled-chime for their garden made out of metal containers, cans, lids, etc.  But here is another way you can have young kids reuse those Starbucks lids to make something FUN… Recycled Robots on Spoonful!

Recycled can robots

There are so many fun and creative ways to reuse your Starbucks packaging for kids, for adults, for Earth Day!

Speaking of which… we have 5 days to show your Environmental ideas over at to win a great Starbucks prize!

1 Year Of My Life Earth Day Challengera Prize

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  1. Yves says:

    It’s very important & responsible to have an “eco” attitude. In Switzerland we recycle as much as we can, sorting all what we can before throwing stuff away.
    Regards and compliments for all what you tell us on your blog…

    • Yves, thanks for recognizing how I try and educate myself & stay aware of more ways to be environmental everyday! It is very important to watch what you do and what you show/teach others with your action/words (or lack thereof) because we all have a part to play in our Earth’s life too! One of the reasons I choose Starbucks is for their commitment to trying to be greener, better with recycled stores, encouraging community and partner involvement, producing products to support change (like sleeves instead of double cupping or their new reusable cups!) and many more subtle encouragements in the world through their brand. Hopefully some of that message comes through for others knowledge & benefit with my blogs.

      Thanks for writing. 🙂

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