Starbucks Style Saturday – April 27

This last week my oldest son and I visited University Village (UV) where we ran into a stylish looking couple in front the StarbucksTaylor and Peter.

Starbucks Style Saturday April 27
Taylor and Peter obviously had a story that I wanted to know as soon as I saw them because they were not only incredibly stylish (and poised, look at that “toe point”!) but also because they were “dancing” in front of the store, so I asked for more info…
Screen shot 2013-04-26 at 7.28.07 PM
Taylor is part of a wonderful group of women (Sasha, Cindy, Taylor and Biz) over at Hotsy Totsy Vintage that collectively have pulled their many talents to showcase vintage styles for real life.  Their website states that “we are united by our love of old clothes, good bargains, and self-expression through fashion.”  Amen to that!  I could definitely be besties with these fashionistas!  Living the Goodwill Life anybody???
And not to be out-shadowed in the stylish department is the completely dapper Peter!  Who is quite the wonderful person to “bump” into as well!   Peter is a professional Swing and Tap dance instructor and performer who has some amazing clips of his “work” over on his website PeterFlahiff.Net.  Seriously, watch this guy because DWTS needs to hire him!  It’s Gene Kelly & Fred Astaire all over again and Seattle is at a loss with your move Peter!
Screen shot 2013-04-26 at 7.33.30 PM
Here are a couple more shots of this amazing pair… Thanks Taylor and Peter!  I hope I run into you again one day at a Starbucks!

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