Weekend Wrap Up – April 8th

This weekend was a nice mellow one with a couple of brilliant spots…

First awesomeness was my trip to Evolution Fresh in Bellevue on Friday and finding out about their new month-of-April-long Healthy Happy Hour!

Evolution Fresh Healthy Happy Hour

So of course I had to order a signature bowl and get a drink 1/2 off.  In fact I purchased two drinks they are THAT GOOD!

Evolution Fresh dinner

Saturday was pretty mellow around here just doing some much needed homework and catching up on miscellaneous items.

But on Sunday we had a toddler birthday party to go to and I stopped by the Starbucks on the Sammamish Plateau to pick up a favorite, a Molasses cookie, to eat instead of cake.

Starbucks Molasses cookie

So to my wonderful surprise I ran into one of the nicest and happiest partners I’ve met this year, Corey.  He was not only engaging but helpful and mostly his JOYFUL demeanor made him such a pleasure to speak to!  Thanks Corey, you made that drive-through experience THE BEST and the rest of my day that much sweeter! (not to mention that wonderful Starbucks Ginger Molasses cookie)

Starbucks partner Corey

Then later on that evening I had a couple of “Mommy Minutes” to spare and I enjoyed a nice Starbucks Evening at the Issaquah store reading my latest Look Book from the Bellevue Collection

Starbucks Evenings and BE

Today is the start of some new menu items at Evolution Fresh and I CAN’T WAIT to try them out!  I’ll post photos and thoughts on them soon but until then…

Have a great week everybody!

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