Weekend Wrap Up – Easter edition

Welcome Spring flowers!

When I say that Washington state is like PARADISE when it’s sunny here… I’m not kidding!  This weekend was absolutely wonderful spending time with family and outside in nature for us.  The daffodils were out, the new calves were frolicking around the fields with their momma cow’s, we spent a lot of time walking around the fields and by the river banks and just enjoying the slower paced reflections on what is important in life!

Beautiful Spring 2013_

Of course, with the gathering of family I had to try out a traditional family dish… deviled eggs, but this time they were made from Starbucksinspired ingredients!

I started out with a 5 containers of hard-boiled eggs I picked up from Evolution Fresh, then took the mayo and mustard from a Turkey & Swiss sandwich in the Starbucks deli case, and then added a bit of Greek yogurt with honey (and a dash of NON-Starbucks paprika) and VOILA!  Deviled eggs Starbucks style!

Starbucks deviled eggs

And the finished product, YUM!

Starbucks deviled eggs finished product

Another Starbucks product I brought down for the family that I purchased from Tazo Tea was the Biscottea Gift pack that was FULL of all their delicious flavors of shortbreads!  We tried EARL GREY, CHAI, BLUEBERRY, MINT, ROOIBOS and TRADITIONAL TEA TIME and they were all eaten up quickly after dinner by the coffee and tea drinkers!  I also found out this weekend that the individual packets are nice to keep in your purse or car for those times when you need a little snack to tide you over!  I will definitely be picking up this gift pack again for other future gatherings and dinner parties!

Biscottea sample pack

So besides the gathering around food this weekend… we enjoyed all the farm had to offer and that means there are usually lots of new baby cows (calves) frolicking in fields…

Spring Calf

And of course Nana puts out all her bird feeders!  Our family farm has an eagle that nests at the riverfront that I tried to find but couldn’t but there were plenty of other bird varieties such as hummingbirds, robins, sparrows and a bunch of bluejays which are always lovely to see fly around!

Nana's bird feeders

This is one part of the river property… there is also a creek that we all enjoy with bonfires, canoeing and fishing when the sun’s out!

Chehalis River Spring 2013

Papa even pulled out the 1928 Galion road grader to re-grade the driveway and the boys got a ride (and lesson on how hard it was to do things 100 years ago!)

Boys on Galion grader

All in all it was an AMAZING WEEKEND full of sunshine spent outside on the family farm in nature… the PERFECT way to start a month focused on the Earth!

Boys and Beautiful Spring 2013

So don’t forget… today starts my April’s month focus of being good stewards of our Earth (in honor of Earth Day and International Mother Earth Day on April 22nd AND to coincide with the Starbucks Month of Service)!  Go over to my Challengera.com site to find out more about my challenge to YOU and add your own version of what it means to be Eco, Green, Environmental to win a fabulous Starbucks prize!

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