In the Drink

In the “drink” of creativity around Starbucks on the Internet, there are endless options to be able to Make It Yours that I have found.

Here are a couple Make It Yours drinks that I’ve been creating this week and others I have found all over the Internet…

Tazo Passion and Evolution Fresh

Tazo Shaken Iced Passion Tea– unsweetened mixed with Evolution Fresh Pineapple Coconut Water = A light and refreshing version of Tropical Punch!

Tazo Green Tea Frapp

I’ve really been into Tazo Tea lately (I really need another store visit SOON!) and have been enjoying fusing their offerings into other Starbucks products like this Tazo Tea decaf chai latte that I mixed into my Green Tea Frappuccino yesterday = #MyTEAFine #sipface!

Green Tea Frapp

After adding more “invites” to my Starbucks Pinterest page I came across this lovely looking drink made from Starbucks VIA Cool Lime Refresher

Pinterest Via Mojito

Over on Instagram I’m trying to keep up with all the Frappuccino creations spilling over (pun intended) from the huge #sipface campaign…

Starbucks Instagram Capt Crunch Frapp

And for still more inspiration… check out the official Starbucks Flickr group!  There are so many Starbucks images there that my Pinterest account is about to explode!

Starbucks Flickr group

 Have a GREAT WEEKEND everybody!

I hope you get to Make It Yours this weekend, you can find inspiration all over the Internet!

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