La Boulange is HERE!

Last week I was gratiously invited to attend a private La Boulange tasting at Starbucks corporate offices. I literally almost jumped right out of my seat in pure excitement!

Not only have I been enjoying the new Starbucks food releases this month… Chicken & Greens Caesar Salad Bowl, Zesty Chicken & Black Bean Salad Bowl, etc. but I’ve been enjoying new creations all month during this Make It Yours May, now an entire new line of food too? And by Pascal?? Be still my beating HEART!! (no seriously)

I immediately started to plan my daily work-out routine (so I could try everything without calorie-guilt afterwards!) and to contact some of the partners that I’ve been communicating with online so I could have the pleasure of actually meeting them face to face!

La Boulange invite small

I did a bit of research and found out a lot about my host, Pascal Rigo, about his inspiration in baking all the lovely pastries that his infamous brand La Boulange is known for, but even with all this I still knew that I needed to keep my senses open to the experience to understand the passion behind these two world-renown brands merging into a great heavenly bliss of deliciousness at a Starbucks near you soon!

So with little pause… I give you the experience I’ve had today at this exclusive tasting bite by lovely bite!

I first went through a wonderful tour of Starbucks HQ and met a wonderful table full of tasting partners.


Then between bites of pastry after pastry of buttery, savory or sweet loveliness… I was engaged in Pascal’s amazing passion about a life full of delicious experiences that is coming into Starbucks world!


So many wonderful things to focus on the La Boulange roll-out for the next 16 months… More quality options for drive-through, children’s focus with grilled cheese. I’m loving these new options AND the focus for a busy mom that wants quality for my family!



What an absolutely lovely afternoon it was with Pascal, my tasting companions (like Starbucks Melody) and of course the corporate partners who were so gracious to invite me to the wonderful event!


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  1. vartanoise says:

    you look so naturally together with Pascal 🙂 single?

  2. Reblogged this on sean1970patrick and commented:
    La Boulange is so good. I am happy to see we will be receiving it by end of year!

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