Make It Yours at Evolution Fresh

This week I stopped by one of my usual stores, the Bellevue Evolution Fresh store, because if there is one thing you can count on at an Evolution Fresh store it’s the partners helping you to create the perfect bowl, salad, smoothie or snack for you!

Such as this partner recipe I found “Heidi’s Custom Banana-Coconut Milk Smoothie” which is made with 5 oz coconut milk (which you can ask for at Evolution Fresh as a replacement), 3 oz Apple juice, 2 oz Lemon juice, 1 fresh banana add a bit of cinnamon.  Thanks for sharing with us all Heidi… YUM!

Heidi's Custom Smoothie

When I was in Evolution Fresh I decided to make a couple of soups since our weather has changed to being a bit on the cooler side lately.  I chose to get a simmer base (a vegetable stock) and then I picked up two different custom bowls that I then pureed certain ingredients (spinach, tomatoes, Sriracha sauce) into my own custom soups!

Evolution Fresh Sriracha and Bowl

I simmered the tomato-vegtable broth soup and poured the chicken, rice, kale and red pepper bowl contents inside for an absolutely perfect spicy-hot soup on a cool night!

Evolution Fresh soup

We are near the end of our Make It Yours month of May with more recipes from partners and me to go!  Have a great Memorial Day weekend everybody and please take a moment to remember those who have fought to give us our freedoms.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you!

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  1. vartanoise says:

    I didnt know they had coconut milk but what aoub rice milk too?

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