Make It Yours May!

Today is May 1st… otherwise known as May Day.  And for this month’s focus I’ve decided to look at all the different and wonderful recipes that partners & customers make with their Starbucks ingredients!  My inspiration came originally from my meeting with Kevin from Evolution Fresh who suggested to “make my own dish”… so I’ve been trying them out at Evolution Fresh and will showcase my recipes (along with partners) all month.

But for now, especially since Starbucks is about to start their Frappuccino Happy Hour on May 3rd I’ve decided to start off with Frappuccino recipes…

Show us your #sipface

The Beautiful Blueberry Frappuccino (my new drink) will be posted along with the video that was created about it, this week…. but for now let’s look at parter ideas for Frappuccinothat were posted to the Starbucks Facebook page when asked to submit their ideas, just look at these blended masterpieces!!!

Alyssa Frapp recipeThis first  Starbucks Partners Facebook (#blendoff) recipe was from Alyssa Homan.  It sounds similar to a favorite drink of mine from Evolution Fresh, the Smooth Breakfast.

Smooth Breakfast

They might sound alike but they both have their own unique flavors… Great job creating this lovely Frappuccino Alyssa!

Sierra Frapp recipe I have always LOVED Butter Pecan pies that my grandfather would buy us children, so when I saw this Butter Pecan Frappuccino recipe by Sierra I knew it was a MUST-TRY!

I hope to try this when Frappuccino Happy Hour starts!

Tatiana Frapp recipe With everything that Boston’s gone through lately, the name of this Frappuccino recipe from Tatiana… the Boston Creme Pie was absolutely necessary to put on my MUST-TRY list too!

Starbucks should make this a special Frappuccino as a fundraiser for Boston!  I’m just sayin…

So there you go folks… many new Frappuccino recipes straight from the partner themselves to try starting May 3rd for Frappuccino Happy Hour!  (weekly contest is at #sipface)

**Side Note** I would like to point out that none of the Frappuccino recipes above (including The Beautiful Blueberry Frappuccino that is soon to be released) is a regular, Starbucks MENU ITEM.  There are reasons Starbucks doesn’t make certain items yet, so if a store is hesitant (or will not) make your special creation it is just part of the game… don’t cry over spilled Frapp!

My suggestions… go to a store where they know you, go at an OFF TIME so it’s not busy for them and LEAVE A BIG TIP because these partners are helping make your experience a wonderful one and if your going to ask for something special then help them feel special back!

Now go out and MAKE-IT-YOURS in MAY!  And share with me (and the world) what wonderful creations you’ve come up with!

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