Mid Week MUNCH (end of May)

Today wraps up my final Make It Yours May focus on Starbucks recipes with a lovely combination dinner of Starbucks, Evolution Fresh AND Tazo Tea!

A week ago I made my own custom soup with Evolution Fresh ingredients and with the change in weather this week I decided to do another final custom soup last night.  I took a custom-made Evolution Fresh bowl full of red peppers, butternut squash, grilled zucchini, herbs and quinoa and puree it to my Evolution Fresh carrot soup base.  I then decided “why stop there?” and went over to the Tazo Tea store for inspiration, which I definitely received from the knowledgeable partners who suggested producing a lapsing souchong concentrate for the soup.

Tazo, Evolution and Starbucks dinner

The tea-concentrate added exactly what the Tazo Tea partners said it would… a nice, hearty, smoky flavor to enhance the butternut squash, carrot and herb based soup.  It was PERFECT!  I am glad that I have more of the lapsing souchong, I’m going to think of other things I can add this new flavor too as well!

Tazo tea tent

I decided to top off the meal with a lovely 8-grain role from the University Village Starbucks and some Tazo Tea white-tip-oolong to finish.  It was a great way to end the chilly spring we’ve been having this last week and a great way to announce all the NEW food offerings that Evolution Fresh is going to have on Monday, June 3rd!

I’m SO EXCITED to try out all the new items at Evolution Fresh, AND all of these new items are launching ONE DAY before the La Boulange launch on Tuesday, June 4th!  I’m telling you all… I am quite literally like a KID IN A CANDY STORE with everything new that Starbucks is adding to their menus this year!  I can’t even believe the good-luck of my timing on this year’s challenge, I can see why people would think I had an inside connection directly to Mr. Schultz?!!  But no… it’s still just little old me, a suburban Seattle mommy, getting to try out all this amazing new food at Starbucks.  And I’m telling you… some days I don’t even know where to begin and what to try NEXT?!  Everything just keeps getting better and better every time I turn around!

Okay, since it is the end of the month I also added up my May receipts for a grand total of… $540 dollars.  Not too bad, and pretty much on cue with the rest of the months so far.  And speaking of months…tomorrow starts my 1/2 way mark of 6 months into this challenge.  I can’t believe I’m already half way through a year?!  Time has flown by and with so many new additions to the Starbucks menu, I don’t feel threatened in any way to not be able to make my goal of ONLY eating and drinking Starbucks, all year, in fact… I’m beginning to think I’m getting pretty spoiled with all these new offerings… thanks partners!

6 month anniversary images

Aren’t these 6-month anniversary images cute?  Little did I know just how many Google images there are for 6-month anniversaries?!  AND how… um, diverse they are?!

Just a FYI… I’m taking some time off from my “specialized” months (diet, saving money, recipes, etc.) for the summer because of travel, events and summer time with my boys but, always stay tuned in because as you can see in this post, there is always something cooking in the Starbucks kitchen during this challenge!  Speaking of which, next up from the stove is my birthday and garden tea party!

See… the Starbucks Party never stops!

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