Mid Week MUNCH May 15

For this weeks’ Mid Week MUNCH I’m going to go over the current Evolution Fresh juice cleanse that I’m in my third day of…

Essential Greens with Lime

Evolution Fresh has a very extensive list of juices that you can purchase in the bottled form in a Starbucks near you or now, in a good amount of grocery stores like Whole Foods, QFC and others.  While the grocery chains might carry the core juices… OJ, Super Green, Apple Berry Fiber it is the Evolution Fresh stores in Seattle, Bellevue, University Village and San Francisco that have the juices on tap to mix, can make you a smoothie on the spot and where you can really Make It Yours with your creativity!

For those that have the Evolution Fresh juices at their local Starbucks or grocery store only, there are a number of variations you can mix n’ match to help give you some variety for a 2 or 3 days juice cleanse such as…

Mix OJ with the Apple Berry Fiber juice, this combo I would call the #TartyTangy

Apple Berry Fiber and Orange Evolution Fresh juice

Or you can get a banana from your local Starbucks and add it to an Evolution Fresh Pineapple Coconut water and a Mango Fiber to blend a really great smoothie!

Mango,Coconut, Banana Evolution Fresh smoothie

Of course, with the Evolution Fresh juice cleanse you will want to make sure that a green drink (Super Green, Essential Greens) is the core of your cleanse and adding these smoothies is an extra “treat” during your regimen.

Super Green Evolution Fresh smoothie

There have been a couple of great blog posts out there about the Evolution Fresh juice cleanses that go into the breakdown of how (and why) to do one, the first is from Simply Real Health or the post by Jamie of all Trades.  Both are great ways to learn HOW to do a cleanse, Jamie has great visuals Simply Real Health is a post FULL of information!

But here is where the Make It Yours comes in different… 3 days of only juice is a LONG TIME for most people who are not accustomed to doing a juicing cleanse, and I might even suggest making it a 2 day for super-new beginners.  Just know that whatever length of commitment you make to juicing and cleansing your body (believe me you will have LOTS of energy afterwards!) you can always try to Make It Yours by custom-designing your juices and/or even making them a smoothie so that the time just flies by and the next thing you know your signing up for the next marathon in town!  (or not, walks along Alki or Greenlake with the pooch are good too!)

Next up this week… the end of my Make It Yours juice cleanse and onto my personal-bowl-designs from Evolution Fresh #YumInABottle “evolves” to #TheBeautifulBowl  🙂

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