Mid Week MUNCH

I have established a regular posting after my weekend adventures called the “Weekend Wrap Up” so now I’m going to start posting a 1/2 way mark too that I’m calling the “Mid Week MUNCH” because well, this year is all about eating/drinking.  Next year’s adventure in 2014?  I’ll title my mid-weeks with another clever moniker but for now the MUNCH is what I’m going with.  Follow these on Twitter with (what else?) hashtag #MidWeekMUNCH

For the first Mid Week MUNCH I’m starting with a Twitter exchange I had with @Tiffany_Clute about my Cinco de Mayo “Make It Yours” creation, a blended Cool Lime Refresher

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 9.00.18 PM

But as good as my original blended creation was Tiffany suggested adding Lemonade to it which I tried and BOY!  was it PERFECT for the hot, sunny day we had in Seattle!

Frapp bomb!

When I ordered this drink it was at a new Starbucks store for me on Lake City Way I put together another Vine video of it up… I have started amassing a Starbucks Store Vimeo collection now, check it out!

Also, when I was there I owed a local DJ Richard J Dalton a Chocolate Cookie Crumble Frappuccino for helping out with the Dining Out for Life event I Tweet-casted last week so I decided to Frapp-bomb the C89.5 studios

C89.5 Frappuccino Pledge Drive

Richard and the staff were incredibly sweet and showed their Starbucks appreciation (as well as their current Pledge Drive) with some perfect product placement!  And YES, Richard you can start using the hashtag #FrappBomb but ONLY if you start #FrappBomb -ing others too!  (share the LOVE, share the Frappuccino LOVE!)

I was on the run all day so I grabbed one of the new Stoneground Dijon, Bavarian-Style Pretzels… yep, another great item Starbucks Corporate! and wonderful for a girl-on-the-go!

Starbucks Bavarian Dijon pretzel

As if this level of activity wasn’t already a blast, I’ve heard through the Tweet-iverse about some Starbucks Secret Menu that would showcase the “Make It Yours May” theme that I’m focusing on but I hadn’t looked or found such things until I befriended an online coffee expert lately… @Coffee With_E (Eliot).

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 8.44.04 PM

@CoffeeWith_E and I started chatting after I posted my own Frappuccino creation last week called “The Beautiful Blueberry Frappuccino” and from there we started chatting about coffee and next thing I know I’m getting these fabulous partner creations sent to me from @CoffeeWith_E for everybody else’s #FrappuccinoHappyHour inspiration!  Just check out these wonderful creations popping up in Starbucks around Richmond, Virginia!

Frappuccino dreaming

Captain Crunch Frappuccino?  Brown Sugar & Nut Frappuccino?  YES. PLEASE!  I’ve gotten so wrapped up in the whole #sipface launch this week that I decided to make a second Make It Yours May creation… The Washington Apple Frappuccino!

I took the fabulous Baked Cinnamon Apple Tazo Tea, steeped and iced it…

Tazo Tea baked cinnamon apple ice tea

Then I went to Starbucks and ordered an Apple Pie Frappuccino from the Starbucks Secret Menu.  I nicely asked the partners to leave space at the top for me to add the two together (which they did, thanks!) and VOILA!  The Washington Apple Frappuccino was born!  I named it that because, well I LOVE Washington state… we have LOTS of apples, and Starbucks, Tazo Tea and me are all from Washington state so what better way to honor the creation than naming it after our home!

And yes… it was DELICIOUS!  The tea adds extra apple UMPH to it but also gives the drink a nice tea-blend, sort of like you would find in a traditional Thai-iced tea.

The Washington Apple Frappuccino

and then if The Washington Apple Frappuccino wasn’t enough to tempt your #sipface cravings….

Frappuccino dreaming 2

Then @CoffeeWith_E had to post one of my all-time favorite desserts… Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino (from Hannah Q)?!!  OMG…I have so MANY GREAT Frappuccinos to try now!  This is NOT helping me get ready for bikini weather AT ALL Starbucks!  🙂

But, one awesome new creation from Starbucks that DOES help your waistline is the Zesty Chicken & black bean salad bowl that I tried for the first time.  Yep, I am officially in LOVE with almost every new Starbucks meal they have put out this week, including this amazing dish with less than 400 calories!  The “zesty” sauce is so yummy… I want to put it on anything & everything! (okay, NOT on the Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino but you get the picture)

Zesty Chicken & black bean

I’ve been working on many more partner and customer Make It Yours recipes and creations and will have more Starbucks and Evolution Fresh up by the weekend, just in time for Mother’s Day!

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