Weekend Wrap Up May 6th

Boy, oh boy… do I have a LOT to share from this weekend!

First, on Friday I released my first year’s video (taken by my filmmaker friends, thanks!) for “The Beautiful Blueberry Frappuccino” which also happens to be The LONGEST Starbucks drink order in the world!  I launched this drink in honor of Starbucks Frappuccino Happy Hour which started on Friday as well!  #sipface

The Beautiful Blueberry Frappuccino ss

After a long day Friday we decided to go with our cousins and aunt & uncle to see Ironman 3 and guess what?  They had Starbucks at the theatre!  I enjoyed my second Frappuccino that day while watching the movie… it was a good thing I was so busy all day that I could afford the extra calories!

Starbucks at the theatre

Then on Saturday we enjoyed the sunny, Seattle weather and went to the opening of boating day & of course we brought Starbucks Cake Pops and #sipface to the event!

Cake pops and frapps

After an afternoon in the sun we went to a friends Birthday BBQ pot-luck and what did we bring?  Starbucks Cake pops for everybody!  They were the hit and looked FABULOUS next to all the beautiful flowers, birthday presents and colorful cards!  They were a BIG HIT with the guests and everybody had to grab one to try as soon as I could get the picture taken… always a good sign!

Adrienne's Cake Pops

Then on Sunday it was Cinco de May0!  Or as Starbucks put it… Feliz Frappuccino! (quite brilliant marketing slogan by the way!)  So in honor I did two things…

First I decorated my coffee of the morning…

Starbucks Cinco de Mayo

Then I ordered what might be a go-to drink for me this summer, a Cool Lime Refresher but blended!  OMG… I loved it so much and was it a perfect, sort-of Cinco de Mayo drink.  I actually had twitter conversations with people after I posted it on Instagram and will be trying another variation to showcase for “Make It Yours May”.

Cool Lime Refresher blended

We spent the day down at the farm and all enjoyed the quiet, relaxed & sunny afternoon at the river having a Starbucks lunch and climbing on tractors, playing fetch with our dog and riding on the quads!

Starbucks lunch at the creek

On the way back up to Seattle I had a free Gold Card meal so we stopped at what is becoming our south Puget Sound go-to Starbucks drive-through in Dupont and I grabbed a second (yes, I totally went there) Cool Lime Refresher blended and a new Hearty Veggie & brown rice salad bowl.

Dupont Starbucks

The salad bowl was filling and delicious!  It reminded me of the Kevin’s Quinoa Bowl at Evolution Fresh… I am starting to see a merging of the two stores in their new foods which is not a bad thing since Evolution Fresh is such a wonderful & natural choice and the bowl was a wonderful end to our busy weekend!

Starbucks Hearty Veggie bowl

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend too… lots of recipes coming in from partners, customers and next weekend is Mother’s Day!  Another week, another Starbucks!

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