Friday Follow Up – End of June Edition

On Wednesday my partner sister came up for an afternoon and I took her down to Starbucks Corporate since she has never been there and we both talked about visiting the building with our Grandfather as children when it was still Sears.

Of course, the beautifully restored building it is now is a far cry from the florescent lights and 60’s ceiling tiles that I remember, thank goodness!

Starbucks Corporate Sybil and I

Yesterday I visited the Bellevue Evolution Fresh store and picked up my new go-to drink, the Smooth Super Avocado… which I took immediately over to my favorite Eastside Kesher Garden and played some Ukulele tunes while enjoying the natural beauty!

Evolution Fresh Smooth Super Avocado and Ukulele

When I was at the Bellevue Evolution Fresh store I ran into some new partners and new product, their 64oz Apple Juice!  I have tasted a small sample of their apple juice earlier this year at the University Village Evolution Fresh store when they did a sampling outdoors.  So remembering this past experience, I asked about heating it up for later that evening (because it has been rainy here) and the suggestion was to add a pump of ginger and a dash of cinnamon which I also picked up so I could try the recipe myself…

Evolution Fresh Apple Juice

This Evolution Fresh Apple juice is seriously fabulous!  I know I shouldn’t be surprised… all the Evolution Fresh juices taste like what I get out of my juicer at home; but somehow every time I try a new juice it reminds me of the purest form of that product that I’ve had before.

And this product is as close to the fresh, hand-pressed juice that I had every autumn from my parents antique wood cider press that you can get!   I mean if you have known what it’s like to pick, press and pour fresh apples from a farm’s orchard right into your cup, well this juice is pretty much that!  I can tell you that the Evolution Fresh OJ is better than any bottled juice out there, but the reality is that I didn’t grow up picking and pressing oranges or grapefruits, so my perspective isn’t “from the source” so to say.  BUT, because Washington is an apple state if there is one thing a girl that grew up from a Washington state farm knows it’s apple juice, and this is the BEST you can buy outside the orchard!

Evolution Fresh Apple Juice Hot and Cold

Of course with my apple juice inspiration I did have to try the juice out last night both iced and heated and yep, both ways are fresh and tasty!  I did add the pump of ginger and cinnamon that the wonderful partner (manager) Krista suggested and when you have a cooler evening again, I would definitely recommend trying the juice heated with ginger and cinnamon too.

As I sit here sipping my Evolution Fresh apple juice this morning I keep thinking to myself… “what a great, chilled juice to enjoy on these sunny days about to bless us in the PNW!”

Happy SUMMER Weekend Everyone!

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