Friday Follow Up – First Day of Summer

Today is the official FIRST DAY OF SUMMER (woohoo!) and it’s also my first “Friday Follow Up” post because, well… sometimes I don’t make the Mid Week Munch deadline.  Oops, but let’s get into it…

The first day of summer is reflective of the typical June weather for Western Washington… sunny, cloudy, sunny, rainy, cloudy, cloudy, a little sunny, nope rainy again!  If you have lived here you know what I mean.  So the photos of my week will reflect this variance in weather extremes (and one of the reasons Western Washington is so dear to me) if there is one thing you can count on here it’s that the weather will always keep you guessing!

Starbucks on the beach

I love this image!  My Tazo Shaken Iced Passion Tea (a summer must have) and my little La Boulange pink bag on sun-drenched legs dipping into the chilly water of Lake Washington.  This is a favorite image of this challenge year for sure!

First day of summer sipface

This week also started the boy’s summer vacation (another reason my posts might be farther between) and what better way to kick it off but with a Summer #Sipface?!

Foursquare Starbucks Mayor

If you follow me on Foursquare you will see my quirky “check-ins” at nothing but Starbucks.  So it shouldn’t surprise anybody that I’m kind of a big-deal-mayor (not really, ha ha) at many Starbucks locations in the Seattle area.  That OR, I’m hearting your Starbucks check-ins!

I adore Foursquare’s quirky badges and sense of humor… keeps ya guessing!

Tazo Tea White Tip Oolong and treats

See, what did I tell ya?  One day #Sipface by the lakeshore and the next hot Tazo Tea White Tip Oolong… Western Washington weather, I just adore your indecisiveness sometimes.

Tazo Tea Sparkling Sangria w: White Tips

And yet another day and I’m back to sipping iced tea… well, actually it was raining that day but I figured “What the heck?” and just went with it anyways!

Well, since it is the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER here in the Seattle area I thought I’d put together a nice Vine video to welcome in the SUNNY WEATHER (wink wink).  Let’s hope that my little poem “Ode to Starbucks Summer” works with Ms. Mother Nature!

Starbucks First Day of Summer


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