Mid Week MUNCH June 6th

This week has been all about the NEW!

New Evolution Fresh goodies such as the Smooth Strawberry Mint or the Smooth Super Avocado (which I think should be called the SUPER Smooth Avocado because that is EXACTLY what it is!)… add to this the launch of La Boulange and Pascal Rigo’s visionary cuisine for Starbucks this week, and all this right before my birthday?

Birthday presents have been offered to me all week long with these new cuisine options!

Evolution Fresh Serving Up Perfection

Yes, Evolution Fresh’s new items totally serve up perfection!  I enjoyed the Smooth Strawberry Mint on Monday, loved it!

Evolution Fresh Smooth Strawberry Mint

Then on Tuesday morning I hit my local Starbucks store to get my first taste of La Boulange and enjoy a beautiful sunrise on Lake Sammamish (since I was there by 5am!)

La Boulange Chewy Chocolate Meringue cookie

I had to try the La Boulange Chewy Chocolate Meringue cookie and boy, is it amazing!  Just look at that soft, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate goodness!  You HAVE to try this cookie… it’s like mom’s freshly-baked cookies right out of the oven type goodness.  I then picked up some items for the boys like the Reduced-Fat Pumpkin Cream Cheese Loaf, Almond Cookie, Cheese Danish, Chocolate Croissant and of course the buttery-flaky Parisian-style Croissant that truly has the taste of…Oh, La La Boulange!

La Boulange launch croissant and coffee

And on the third day… the Super Smooth Avocado (*wink wink) was created, which I tried with my La Boulange Wheat Spinach, Ham & Cheese and Tomato & Cheese croissants for lunch.  The Super Smooth Avocado was just that… smooth, and with the mango, pineapple and banana it gives a nice, subtle sweetness to the avocado creaminess, truly a great pairing in one drink!

Then, to enjoy this wonderful drink with the buttery crust of the croissants… oh, what presents to my taste buds these delicious additions have been for sure!

Evolution Fresh and La Boulange lunch

This Super Smooth Avocado drink is going to be my go-to beverage for the summer and the La Boulange Tomato & Cheese croissant and the La Boulange Wheat Spinach Croissant… let’s just say the deliciousness is going to keep me coming back for more!

Evolution Fresh Super Smooth Avocado

Thanks for all these early birthday presents Starbucks, I seriously can’t believe my timing on this year…and the Starbucks party doesn’t stop all throughout my weekend!

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