Mid Week MUNCH – Refreshing Edition

Yesterday was the big rollout of the Starbucks calorie menus across the country which has been receiving a lot of media attention lately including even about my challenge from The News Chick (Thanks Linda it was a great piece!).

I’ve had a lot of people have asked me in these last 6 months if I’ve gained weight, how my challenge has effected my health, etc.  Well with the rollout of the new calorie menus and everybody’s focus on Starbucks from a health perspective I will tell you that 1/2 a year of only eating and drinking Starbucks has helped me get into better shape than I have been in recent years and these new menus will help you too!

Starbucks Calorie menus

I did have a baby three years ago, so that will usually put some weight on you and I did the typical work out routine only a couple of months after his birth but I didn’t really watch my calorie consumption all that much and my working out wasn’t consistent for these last two years.  It wasn’t until this January when I started my challenge and met Christine Hall and spoke with her about the “Starbucks Diet” that I started to lose the last bits of my pregnancy weight.  What changed?  Well, now I can clearly see in every way HOW MANY calories I take in because even before the new menu rollouts Starbucks had their nutritional information on their packaging and their phone app.

So yesterday when I seen the new menus for the first time (above) I chose the Tall size Starbucks Valencia Orange Refresher instead of the Venti size that I might have originally ordered, the difference?  Only 70 calories and still as delicious as ever!

Starbucks Valencia Orange Refresher

Seriously, I usually don’t splurge daily on things like the Glazed almonds and will usually stick to the Protein Bistro Box and Roasted Almonds (are those gone?) and maybe one coffee or refresher a day with lots of water in-between.  After 6 months you start to learn your calorie count secrets… but yesterday clearly seeing the calorie count AS I ORDERED it was easier to justify the calories in another product if I just chose the smaller version of the drink I wanted to begin with!

I announced a week ago on my social media feeds and in my interview with Linda that I would be counting my calories for the entire month of July.  I know I said I was allowing myself a “break” this summer and not doing a month-focus but with all that’s come out about healthy eating options (the recent controversial AMA decision to classify obesity as a “disease”) I’ve decided that I’m going to test myself and see if I can record an entire month of eating now that Starbucks is allowing me every opportunity to do so?!

Knowing that my days of calorie consumption are numbered… I did indulge a bit yesterday and ordered an item that clearly is at the TOP of my Starbucks LOVE LIST, the La Boulange Summer Berry Croissant!

LaBoulange Summer Berry Croissant

I tried this croissant at corporate in May and fell in love with it immediately!  I spoke to Pascal about how much this item reminded me of the fresh berry cobblers I grew up with on the farm, how it’s flaky buttery crust and the perfect natural sweetness of the berries, how they all blended into this beautiful little masterpiece of pastry!

Valencia and Cool Lime Refresher

Now I just HAD to have a second Valencia Orange Refresher yesterday because I now knew the calories were that low (thanks to Andrea’s suggestion at the Issaquah Gilman store, Cool Lime AND Valencia Orange = LOVE).  Really, I am seriously in LOVE with this new drink!

A Facebook follower asked me last night to choose my favorite Starbucks product and honestly I just CANNOT!  Like I told Linda in my interview, Starbucks has had so many absolutely delicious items launch this year that my choices are really diverse and satisfying… and I could not of chosen a BETTER YEAR to do this, seriously!  I am making my mental list of my favorites… but I think I’ll wait till years end to produce that information because who knows what’s new or next at Starbucks?!

Tomorrow starts Starbucks 3PM Wake Up Call which is a fancy way of saying 1/2 off Refreshers!  And with a new Shaken Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade (on my radar) and the absolutely lovely Valencia Orange Refresher (and knowing how few calories they have)… I would DEFINITELY take advantage of the 3PM Wake Up Call!

Refresher Happy Hour

Enjoy the rest of your week everybody!


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