Weekend Wrap Up Birthday edition

Yes, today is my birthday and I’ve literally been going at it since last Friday so this Weekend Wrap Up is all about the Starbucks Birthday!

First, on Friday I received a couple of lovely presents in the mail and while enjoying my Tazo Shaken Iced Passion Tea and La Boulange Raspberry Passion Fruit Loaf Cake, I opened them up and found beautiful gifts such as that reclaimed fashion bracelet from my mom!  I adore it with my grandmother’s vintage silver charm bracelet (yes, that’s the Space Needle charm from the World’s Fair!) and of course they pair well with my Starbucks treats too!

Birthday gifts and Starbucks

Then that afternoon I decided to go on a nature walk with the little one…

Nature walk

We had a great time, coming across a bunch of zen-rock formations that were randomly placed, watching all the bees buzzing around the newly opened wildflowers… which mommy picked a beautiful bouquet of and wrapped my La Boulange ribbons around back at the house.

La Boulange wildflowers

Then Friday night I kept working on a couple of Vine videos (with Hitchcock-hidden Starbucks cameos in them) that I’ve been inspired lately to create!  My first was Teddy Bear Tea Time, then came the Farm (complete with screaming goats!) and then my Starbucks of the Sea video…

Starbucks vine

I adore this Vine app so much and it helps me get back into the video production I used to be apart of when I owned Green Scene TV in Denver.  I have many more vines in my mind to put into the world this summer so watch for them, and see if you can spot the Starbucks cup in each?!!

On Saturday I woke up to the pure enjoyment of my regular latte and the La Boulange Classic Coffee Cake… so buttery, cinnamon-y, warmed-moist goodness… YUM!

La Boulange coffee cake

Then, I worked on Vine videos again with my boys that afternoon (I’m teaching them stop animation techniques with multiple media integrations which is easy to do with the un-editable Vine) and then I got ready for one of my birthday parties that evening with my girlfriends…

BDay dancing

I should have taken pics at the first place we went… Roy Street Coffee, but we were all having such a great time with the Beecher’s cheese plates, the wine, the beer, the desserts and tea pots and discussion… well, they were all gone before I could remember to get shots of any!  But, we did pose outside the dance club for a quick shot… thanks for all the great birthday memories ladies!  I am truly blessed to know such amazing women in my life, always my inspirations!

Sunday was another birthday celebration with my parents and my boys down at the Seattle waterfront.  Our family has been visiting the waterfront, going to the Pacific Science Center, traveling on the Monorail, visiting the Pike Place Market and going on Ferry rides my entire life.  We used to do it with my cousins and my grandfather every summer at least once, and usually it was around my early summer birthday.  This year we had lunch at our favorite waterfront place… Ivars.  But this time I of course brought my Starbucks to the party!

Starbucks and Ivars

I do love the Turkey & Havarti sandwich from Starbucks and after a LONG night of libations and dancing with my girlfriends the night before… Evolution Fresh OJ and Carrot Orange Mango juices are lifesavers that give you an extra spring in your step!

My family asked if I was tired of eating only Starbucks while they enjoyed their Ivars fish and chips and chowder (one of my favorite Seattle foods!) and while it was a bit harder to not enjoy the Ivars tradition with my family this birthday, I told them “no” because of all the new Starbucks products I’ve been able to enjoy lately, and the reality is that I’m half-way through my year and I know I’ll get all those foods I love about Seattle (which I will give a list of favorites later on) soon!

We then decided to go into a bunch of waterfront shops and of course have a ferry ride…

Seattle Ferry Ride

Well today is my actual birthday and I’m spending time pampering myself this afternoon and reflecting on what I want to create by next birthday (which you all should know is well underway and being designed with multiple people and it’s going to be a DOOSEY!).

Thanks to everybody that’s shared my birthday with me so far, and to the parties later this week!  Maybe I’ll do a Vine video on one of them?!  And you KNOW it’s gonna have a Starbucks cameo somewhere in it!

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  1. Yves says:

    Joyeux Anniversaire ! As we say in french….Yves

  2. laurance says:

    congrats -you’
    re as old as you feel -after a night on the town……

  3. Karen says:

    Happy Birthday Beautiful!
    I love you!
    Aunt Karen

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