Weekend Wrap Up June 3rd

This weekend was the birthday party for my youngest son which I decided would be a “garden party” since he loves nature, bugs and being dirty!

The day was perfect, we set up the tent early and arranged all the goodies…

Kesher Garden Party - Party Tent Garden outside

And with goodies around you know I just HAD to make sure I bought the super-popular Starbucks “Birthday” cake pops (and lemon and salted caramel) and while setting up I enjoyed a Evolution Fresh Orange Carrot Mango juice and a Starbucks nut pack to ward off cravings of eating more than one cake pop.

Kesher Garden Party - Starbucks goodies

What an absolutely lovely spot this was for a children’s birthday party!  The garden was just beaming with nature’s birds chirping, wind softly blowing, fragrant mint or floral smells, bug’s crawling, kid’s laughing, blowing bubbles and bee’s buzzing…

Kesher Garden Party - Windmill

Kesher Garden Party - Rainbow bubble

And speaking of bees…  we had the rare opportunity to catch the beekeepers checking on the hive!  Now growing up on a farm that had every animal under the sun in our fields, oddly enough we never kept bees.  I’m not sure why, I’ve always loved their peaceful way of being, their independent nature (compared to some farm animals that take a LOT of care) and of course their really important part of our earth’s ecosystem!  A fact that unfortunately has taken front stage in the media lately because of the drastic amounts of bees dying around the world.  But, that day we got to watch the beekeepers in action and GUESS WHAT?  They asked ME to help them?!!  I was so excited to see inside a hive!

Kesher Garden Party - Beautiful Bee Keeper

Can’t you tell I was just SO HAPPY to get that beekeeper outfit on!  I am still talking to everybody about the experience, one I’ve now marked off my bucket list.  It’s just a good thing that the hive didn’t have any honey to taste yet… that would have been a HARD decision not to be able to eat honey straight from the source, especially this year because it didn’t have the Starbucks siren on it!  I might have slipped up on this one for sure… but all ended well and the bees weren’t TOO upset, a nice dose of smoke here and there and they remained pretty calm for us.

Kesher Garden Party - Bee Hive

Well, tomorrow is the big La Boulange launch around Seattle, AND now with new menu items also from Evolution Fresh this Starbucks party is going FULL AHEAD into summer!

In honor of La Boulange’s welcome into the Starbucks family… I leave you with a beautiful representation of our garden party weekend (that was taken by my oldest son) and what is quickly becoming my favorite summer color, La Boulange PINK!

Welcome Starbucks home Pascal and partners!

Kesher Garden Party - La Boulange Flower

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