Weekend Wrap Up – End of July

Can you believe it’s the end of July already?  I know I cannot!  But this Starbucks summer of mine just keeps the adventures going… so let’s get into this weekend.

First of all my older son and I went to the movies Friday night to go see Pacific Rim in IMAX 3D and beforehand I used my free-coupon to get a Frapp.  OMG!  Both my Frapp (which ended up being a Trenta because they were out of Venti sized cups) and the movie were AMAZING!  Just look at this monster-FREE Starbucks drink!

Edge and I movie #Sipface

Normally you would not get that sized cup, but it was a welcomed surprise to me and one that I appreciated in the movie (but I ran extra hard this weekend to work off!).  And speaking of movies, if you have not seen Pacific Rim, it’s a MUST to see in IMAX 3D!

Next was an early Saturday morning to drop my oldest off for Camp Orkila (lucky boy!) and my youngest and I ventured onto the SLU (Westlake) Starbucks because I love this drive-thru so much and from our sunrise over Lake Union you can see why!

P.S.  I WANT one of these “Starbucks Parking Only” signs BAD in case anybody’s thinking about holiday gifts already!  😉

Starbucks Parking

Saturday evening we ventured over to Golden Gardens park to meet up with some photographer friends but first was a quick stop at the SLU (South Lake Union) Starbucks Evening

SLU Starbucks

I am growing really fond of my two SLU Starbucks, all hustle and bustle at this Terry location during the week with Amazon on campus and our drive-thru with some of the friendliest partners you’ll ever meet!

From there we enjoyed our picnic at Golden Gardens with friends…

Starbucks Evening picnic

Sunday was another movie with my youngest… Despicable Me 2 which is also another MUST see movie!  So, so cute and going on my holiday list for sure!  I’m just calling it “Minion Nation” now because even though all the other characters are great the minions make this.

After the movie we decided to spend our Sunday evening at the shores of Lake Washington with our Boston Terrier, Sake Eno (yes, a nod to two favorites… Japanese cuisine and anything Brian Eno!) at the dog park.

My Starbucks, Sake and I at Luther Burbank

Our Puget Sound waters are seriously amazing and we spent our evening watching the sun set over the Seattle skyline…. I love my life as a PNW native!

With views like this who would not?!!

Seattle at Sunset

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