Weekend Wrap Up – Garden Party Style

This weekend was all about Sunday, and the Garden Tea Party in honor of the #RoyalBaby (who is due any minute now)!

I started out by getting all my crafty materials together in order to make a great hat for the party.  Of course my Starbucks was there, inspiring me on…

The making of the Mad Hatter Hat with Starbucks

Sunday started out great with lots of the Starbucks siren sightings all over the garden…

Starbucks in the garden 2

Starbucks in the garden

And of course VOILA!  Here is my finished Mad Hatter Hat for the Garden Tea Party…

Starbucks Mad Hatter

We had the pleasure of having a wide variety of Biscottea products courtesy of the company’s owner, Laurance, and he even included a BRAND NEW product, their savory collection that was a HUGE SUCCESS at the event!

With their traditional tea (and coffee) flavored shortbreads like: Chai, Earl Grey, Blueberry, Traditional, Mocha, Cappuccino, Espresso, Mint and Rooibos all of our teas were pleasantly paired with the perfect tea party shortbreads.

Biscottea Table

But when I introduced the new Biscottea savoury collection, eyes and mouths POPPED!  With new flavors (coming to a store after October 1st, 2013) like: Spinach & Nutmeg, Blue Cheese & Black Pepper, Roasted Onion & Jalapeno, Rosemary & Red Chili and Smoky Sea Salt… many guests raved about them all!  One guest wanted a couple of packages of the Roasted Onion & Jalapeno right now for her Walla-Walla tart recipe, which after hearing what she would create with it… sounded absolutely DELISH!

I think one tea-partier summed it all up when she said… “Oh My!  I could eat all of those!” which was quite the compliment indeed considering it came from the Master Gardener, Jessica, who owns Pea Patch Gardens and has a plethora of food available everyday to choose from!  She was definitely not alone in her love of the Biscottea new savoury options… you have a captive audience for sure with your new collection Biscottea!

Our Garden Tea Party was a great hit with the help of Biscottea but those beautiful little shortbreads wouldn’t have been complimented and the tea party could not have been complete without the help of Tazo Tea!  Thanks to the team at Tazo Tea in University Village our tea party was PERFECTLY tied together with their absolutely lovely tea flavors!

Whether it was hot tea, iced tea, caffeinated or decaffeinated tea, as soon as you opened up the Tazo Tea canister and smelled those wonderful blends you knew it was going to be a great party!

As you can see, Tazo Tea was front and center at our Garden Tea Party with choices like: english breakfast, vanilla rooibos parfait, earl grey blanc and bramblewine.  We used the Bramblewine for the iced tea and I made some pre-packaged options of each for all the tea pots with the tea filters which you can pick up in the store as well as their tea scooper and many more tea-related items to make your own tea experience complete!

I for one will be enjoying many more blends this week with my trip over to the  Tazo Tea University Village store with Starbucks vlogger, Dylan Austin from Five Awesome Baristas!

Tazo Tea Table

The tables were all set, Tazo Tea and Biscottea’s were out, now we were all ready for the #RoyalBaby to be born and of course for all the ladies to show off their hats, gloves and Tea Party attire…

Garden Tea Party The Group

What an absolutely fantastic time we all had with our fascinators, the lovely products from our friends at Tazo Tea and Biscottea, the wonderful company of all attendees and of course our garden, and it’s summertime beauty.  From the fresh sprigs of garden mint we placed in our water and on our table settings to the strawberries the children picked and our bee hive buzzing full of honey-making activity that makes our garden a reality everyday…

Thanks again to all the wonderful women (and men) that planned, donated, hosted, attended and helped in every way with this weekend’s Garden Tea Party.  It truly was a Sunday, summer day that will not soon be forgotten!

My day started in the garden and ended in the garden with a family movie night with my youngest to wrap things up…

Movie night Starbucks ready

I might not have predicted the #RoyalBaby date of birth but it’s happening RIGHT NOW, as I type, so I’m still possibly gonna get the name (Middle name has to be Diana) right?!

This week is full of more Starbucks adventures again so stay tuned, support your local garden and…


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