Weekend Wrap Up – Winter in Summer

This weekend my youngest and I went to his first movie theater experience.

We stopped by the Starbucks drive-thru for our popcorn and frappuccino ahead of time…

Bubs with Starbucks at first movie

Just look at this Frapp… so lovely!

Movie Starbucks Frapp

What a great time we had all weekend in sunny Seattle!  Going to parties, community festivals, parks, waterfront beaches and of course one of my FAVORITE Starbucks drive-thrus… South Lake Union!  This trip was made even more pleasant with the help of a very nice partner, Sterling.

Westlake SLU Starbucks

I’ve been playing around with different combinations of Starbucks items all weekend, this Evolution Fresh Pomegranate juice mixed with Tazo White Cranberry tea was excellent!

Tazo and Evolution Fresh Summer Drink

Then on Sunday I had a wonderful afternoon talking to the Starbucks legend himself, Winter, at a favorite place of mine Roy Street Coffee and Tea!

I was pleasantly welcomed into the store by the friendly partner Coral and the whole environment at Roy Street Coffee and Tea seemed active and wonderfully upbeat, representative of the glorious sunny day outside!

Roy Street Coffee with Winter

Winter and I had great conversations about his history with Starbucks, the menu choices they offer around the world, his love of Scrabble, music, the arts and many more wonderful things about my new Starbucks friend!  Just touching upon his amazing journey so far definitely educated me, but really piqued my curiosity into this world of being a coffee connoisseur.

I left our afternoon thinking about what a blessing it is to be able to meet these amazing people during my challenges.  I am so lucky to get to know them, learn from their experiences and not only apply it to my own life but to share these adventures with you!

Thank you Winter for spending your afternoon with me, I hope you accomplished your goals for the day and your Seattle trip.  I also hope that we keep in contact because your wisdom of coffee is inspiring to my growing awareness of its culture and appreciation… a focus for my last 5 months and possibly one that will become an everlasting part of my life after this year!

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    Too bad I missed Winter! I would have loved to meet him.

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