Friday Follow Up – Starbucks School


For those that didn’t already know, besides being a mother to two amazing boys and an online marketing consultant I also am a full-time student looking to finish her PhD.

My challenges are not only personally motivated to live a brand for a year but they are also part of a much bigger goal…

My current thesis is about the changes in societal patterns from the use of social media platforms and my dissertation research is quickly coming together on how can we utilize the platforms towards desired outcomes in the future.

But, as you can see… Starbucks is right there besides me, helping me every step of the way towards my goal. (Which hopefully isn’t that far away!)

As it is the beginning of August a little update on two fronts…

1. My daily calorie counts… I’ve not been as diligent in July’s daily tracking as I would have liked so I decided to continue tracking into August for better results.


2. My total spent in July went down a bit, I think because of my calorie counts and sticking to core items (bistro box, nut packs, etc.) and it only tallied up to: $480.22!

Next week is the end of summer quarter for me (yeah!) and with fall quarter over a month away, some end of summer festivities will be in order for sure!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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