Friday Follow Up – What A Week!

Another big Starbucks week for me so let’s begin!

First of all has to be my new walking-distance store’s opening! I’ve been eying this Siren for weeks, posting photos everyday practically! First of all probably because I’ve never done a Starbucks opening…but mostly because come on, I LIVE HERE!  So to have a Starbucks I can just walk to now to finish my year out with… FABULOUS!

Here is my baby’s progression…

First signs up!

It’s getting serious…

Almost there! I can just TASTE the coffee….

Then suddenly… The clouds parted, the Starbucks corporate ways worked their magic and VOILA! The friends & family night begins…

Of course the views are some of the BEST at any Starbucks I’ve seen! And the walls adorned with beautiful coffee knowledge…

And this mornings first Tazo tea…

As well as of course having to enter the sirens address on Foursquare so everybody knew where she was!

Okay, the week was full of other amazing things so keep reading…

Besides my new store, last week was the opening of a Starbucks design inspiration… The Seattle Pike store!

I was meeting a local show producer (Hi Jillian!) at Lifelong Thrift store to do some serious damage and since this Pike store is SO CLOSE I thought I’d swing by for a bite…

And I’m happy I did! I finally ran into Mr. Adam Brotman… a partner I was hoping to meet this year!

We had a nice chat, he introduced me to even more Starbucks rock stars and I left with a spring in my step ready to take on the thrifting world.

Adventures were had that evening I can assure you, but we will leave that to insider knowledge and a few million followers on social media threads…

On Thursday, right before the Starbucks new store’s opening was announced, I was about to walk into a tea tasting I’ve wanted to experience since I first walked in the doors of the University Village Tazo store! First of all I met up with Laurance from Biscottea to drop off a little thank you card for all their lovely items at the tea party.

Laurance and I had a lovely conversation as well as some great new tea tastes but then I got serious and had the Tazo team lead me through one of the most amazing, knowledgable experiences on the intricacies of tea. From double and triple steeping and the variations in color/taste in them as depicted in this “tea timing” photo…

To all the regions of tea in the world and the color/taste changes in them because of region…

I left knowing this might be my last trip to this lovely store (unless they have a SALE?!) which left me sad in a way but excited to see the new concept store of Tazo/Teavana this fall!

But I left with some keepsakes and one of the most lovely sparkling iced teas I’ve ever had! Good thing I’ve heard the new store will keep a carbonation option!

Then I braved the traffic down and back to the farm and stopped at the Tacoma drive thru for the first time..,

I was worried for a bit that traffic might keep me from reaching my new Starbucks store opening goal of the evening but no, again the magic parted the ways to allow me to meet fellow partner manager Stephanie (from Pine Lake) and get to meet the team I will be finishing my challenge year with!

I’ve already shown all the pre, pre, and post opening photos above of the new store so I think I’ll close with all the amazing goodies I ended my busy day yesterday with…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I am truly a very lucky lady to be living this Starbucks brand!

What a week indeed!

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