Friday Follow Up – What a WEEK!

Okay… I think this is the first time all year that I haven’t posted anything for a WEEK?!  But with good reason, it was the end of my college quarter (a condensed summer version) so this is pretty much what happened…

I studied with Starbucks

Studying with Starbucks

And more studying and Starbucks

Starbucks Studying 3

And yes, again, I studied some more with Starbucks!

(but WAIT!  don’t go anywhere yet… it does get better!)

Studying with Starbucks

THEN, when I was all done… I treated myself to some much deserved goodies for finishing!  Dang these caramel frappuccinos are GOOD!  (and yes, still no firm diet on track… I might be giving up on that one)

Starbucks studying treat

And then, with the PERFECT TIMING that Evolution Fresh always seems to have in my life… yesterday they had a FREE smoothie day for the first time!

Evo Fresh Free Smoothie Day

I just adore going into the Evolution Fresh stores and speaking to some of my favorite partners!  I hope everybody got to try their absolutely wonderful products yesterday, I spoke to quite a few people who were really excited about their FREE smoothie day promotion!

Evolution Fresh Free smoothie day in Bellevue

Foursquare seemed to be buzzing with Evolution Fresh feeds as well!

Evolution Fresh Free smoothie Foursquare badge

Then, after a long two weeks… I was treated to a nice Starbucks Evening dinner for two (well, three).

Double Trouble Starbucks Evening

It really is all about the simple, enjoyable things in life… like family, friends, Starbucks and BEING DONE WITH COLLEGE QUARTER!  Please remind me to NEVER take a full-load in a condensed summer quarter again… please!  🙂

Now onto the family farm all weekend for some real R&R for the next three days!

Happy Weekend Everybody!

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