Weekend Wrap Up – BeauTEAful!

This weekend was the last open weekend before Labor Day then Back-to-School events, high holy days, and next thing you know Halloween, Thanksgiving and the end of this Starbucks challenge year! (sad face)

So I made the most of my time and ran more, meditated more, spent time with loved ones more and definitely explored more! I got to explore my new Starbucks store and I explored an article in the Huffington Post that I discovered last week via Twitter about using tea as a beauty product!

My first use of my morning Tazo tea bags (after steeping once for my morning tea) was to use them to reduce under eye bags and dark circles…

This idea definitely worked! And after being a model since I was the age of 14, I’ve tried and used LOTS of tricks to amp up features… especially pre photo-shop! My old tried-and-true under eye trick was using (non-scented, clear) Preparation H ointment to reduce puffiness. This trick is still being used I’m sure all the time, but I’ve stopped wanting to introduce more chemicals to my body years ago so to trade out Preparation H for a good old bag of tea after you’ve enjoyed the taste is even better! Keeping your tea bags is going to become a common occurrence in my household now just for this trick alone!

But read on because I tried three of the Huffington Post tips…

The second tip I tried was using steeped black tea as a hair rinse to soften & add shine to my hair.

This tip worked SO WELL! I followed the HuffPost piece and kept the chilled, tea on my washed hair for 10 minutes (actually a couple of minutes more) and then washed, conditioned and VOILA! My hair felt like it just came out of a salon! It’s still so soft and shiny today, as I run my fingers through it 24 hours later. Here is yet another reason to not throw out those tea bags! One thing I found out last week at my Tazo tea tasting is that you can steep tea bags more than once, and usually up to 3-4 times each bag, which is not only cost-effective but now can save you even more money on beauty supplies!

The third trick we used was to try out a tea bath to cure stinky feet. I will not disclose the name of the accused, but just know that stank-foot is a very common problem for this person…one we waited to try this tea-bath on until a full, long day of activity was had to achieve full effect!

And again… This trick really works! Not only did his feet stop stinking (with the antibacterial agents) but we used two teas, one was mint… and his feet still don’t stink today, 24 hours later!  I’m taking this new found knowledge to some other areas and applying them to see if they work just as well?!  You can bet I’ll be back talking about what worked with tea (and this isn’t even talking about coffee beauty benefits yet!) for our home and life.

Like I posted, this weekend was about exploring new things…like using your tea for beauty remedies and exploring the amazing benefits of having a Starbucks store within walking distance! I’ll end on what my mornings now always look like… Tazo tea (or the occasional clover) in my street view of the mountains of Western Washington and of course my siren which I am in love with more and more as she helps me explore more knowledge, more community, more EVERYTHING as each wonderful challenge day passes!


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