Weekend Wrap Up – Treat Receipt Style

This weekend was filled with plenty of activity…good thing those treat receipts kept my explorations going all weekend long!

First, I’ve been watching construction on my new (walking distance) Starbucks store which is so exciting!  I’ve never thought about all that goes into a Starbucks store before this year, but with all the different locations around the world that I see through my eyes or the eyes of partners/customers, I have a LOT more appreciation for all the design and work that goes into them now!

The latest Seattle store proved that to me on Sunday… so follow on down this post to see more about the new store and what’s happening all around us with Starbucks if you stop to take a look around….


With the oldest at the farm, my Saturday was spent all day and night with my youngest…just the two of us!  We spent a good portion of the morning relaxing but then went for a swim at our community center and then enjoyed the last outdoor movie of the season in our garden.

The bonfire was burning and s’mores were a melting (at least for the little one)…and WAY too many chocolate pieces were eaten!!!

That is probably why there was a lot more watering and playing in the garden going on than watching of the movie!

Sunday was a busy one that started with meeting Winter and his filming crew for a National Geographic show at Kerry Park.

It was great to see Winter again, speak to him at least for a little while and meet the NatGeo team and hear about their show!

From Kerry Park I just had to take advantage of the beautiful afternoon and get a Beechers cheese & Salumi plate at Roy Street Coffee.

While enjoying one of my favorite dishes I get a text from Winter who’s right down the street taping at the new Broadway & Pike Starbucks store, with news that a wonderful Tazo partner, Cody, was now at this newest store.  Of course after enjoying my Roy Street Coffee dinner I knew I had a #TreatReceipt in my pocket just waiting to be my last of the summer season, so why not make it at the new store!

The store is simply beautiful!  From the carefully restored antique doors at the entrance, to the restored wood tables and up cycled lighting, to the open-case, Parisian-style baked goods display…no stone was left unturned when putting this complete Starbucks package together!

I learned a LOT on Sunday!  From Winter & National Geographic’s crew, about the focus at Starbucks to get new stores to be LEED certified, to the Broadway & Pike’s restored, up cycled and Eco focused design.  I especially loved learning about the new, yummy “Evolution Harvest” treats for Starbucks stores that are of course inspired from the brand I love, Evolution Fresh, and soon to be coming to a Starbucks store this fall!

When NatGeo was interviewing me for Winter’s show they asked if I was tired of the Starbucks menu 7 months into my challenge?  I get asked that question (and what next years challenge will be) a lot now.  But with all I’m surrounded with already, and now with even MORE goodies like “Evolution Harvest” coming out soon…. I ask you how I EVER could get tired of the innovative, amazing options from the brilliant minds at Starbucks?

Everywhere I turn lately something new is being introduced that’s part of a bigger, grander plan…and these new options are all starting to support each other in the Starbucks stores too, not just as individual, stand-alone concepts anymore!

This year’s theme has been coming into view for me for months and is now being supported in every direction I turn…. Community!

So with that, I tip my hat (or should I say Frappuccino?!) to you, the partners of Starbucks because whether it is Howard’s grand design or a collaboration of minds at corporate, there is no grander word, no grander concept in the world than the building of and the establishment in a strong, beautiful community that cares like this Starbucks one I see all around.

Thanks for the #TreatReceipts, the (sometimes too many to keep my girlish figure!) Frappuccinos, the new push towards more LEED & Eco living that we all HAVE to implement into our lives, but mostly…thanks for this community Starbucks.

Community is what the world continues to fight for, what we dare to dream big about, what we all continue to be inspired through and (I believe) is at the core of every humans desire to belong and be apart of something bigger than ourselves in some way shape or form.

Starbucks, take it from a person who’s been living your brand for over half a year, a sense of community is what anybody will see everyday, through and through if they are stopping to take a look around…and yours dear siren is growing into a community that is nothing short of spectacular!

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  1. That sounds like an amazing Sunday! I great treat receipt wrap up! And, that Pike and Broadway store is fantastic. It’s so great to see Cody there! Everyone on that team is fabulous.

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