Friday Follow Up – Fall Flavors

This week I’ve finally tried some of the last items that were released for the fall season by Starbucks… La Boulange’s Butternut Squash and Sage Savory Square and the Evolution Harvest Roasted Soybean Pepita Almond bar.

I’ll start with Evolution Harvests bar since I find myself buying these a LOT considering that they are now in grocery stores like Whole Foods too!

The flavors combine for a slightly sweet, roasted nut flavor which I’ve now paired with my fall favorite #PSL and even with an Evolution Fresh Protein Power drink!


If I could buy these bars in bulk at Costco I would they are that good! AND, I was reminded by Evolution Fresh that they are also GLUTEN FREE for all those curious about options.

The second total surprise to me this week is the LaBoulange Butternut Squash and Savory Sage Square


So, this was a VERY SURPRISING item to me, one I had been putting off for days because… well I have a childhood food horror story around squash, so needless to say I didn’t know how this would be received on my taste buds.  But WOW!  For the first time in years I have truly enjoyed a squash-based item!  It is definitely the SAVORY flavors on your palate that won me over.

Thanks Pascal and Starbucks for yet another truly wonderful item to enjoy this year!

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