Friday Follow Up – Jimmy and the Juice

As if flying across the country for three days, visiting natural disaster torn Colorado and getting to see the (second in the country) Starbucks shipping container store wasn’t already enough for a week…

I flew back in just enough time to also meet the founder of Evolution Fresh (and Naked juice) Jimmy!

Ever since I met with the Evolution Fresh team on their one year anniversary in March I have been asking to meet this juice legend, a man truly with a vision to help humanity eat and drink natural, good-for-you products…. Jimmy Rosenberg!

Jimmy was kind enough to speak to a group of us about his journey from taking juices from the streets of southern California to across the country (and eventually the world) through Starbucks with Evolution Fresh!

Jimmy and Us at Evolution Fresh

As you can see, I tried to capture Jimmy’s passion, his utter happiness about juice when he was pouring out his beautifully healthy product for all of us to sample.  All you have to do is be around him and you’ll see his passion about good juice in the world!


So, already with a full tummy of healthy goodness from lunch, a head FULL of Jimmy’s passion of good-for-you choices for all people, the amazing juice tasting that I already knew was the clincher on why I choose to take on a year of Starbucks… if that wasn’t all enough, then team Evolution Fresh pulls out a swag bag with guess what?  A NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH!

OMG!  If I didn’t already LOVE Evolution Fresh, and the pleasure of meeting a true visionary changing the world’s palate with healthy choices, now I was being given the one thing I have not been able to have this entire year… a BURGER!

Yes, you see this announcement below right… Evolution Fresh will be launching a new veggie burger in select stores in a matter of weeks and I for one plan to make this a staple item for my last couple of months for sure!  Besides the fact that Evolution Fresh has wonderful soups and simmers for our chilly autumn and winter nights… now I can grab a family-full meal for my boys and I with burgers too!


Kevin & Evolution Fresh team… Thank you so much for yesterday’s meeting with Jimmy!  And THANK YOU for allowing me to finish off my year with a product I’ve been craving for months, Veggie Burgers!

Evolution Fresh will definitely be the place my boys and I will be enjoying dinners before movies, after shopping, or just because from now on and so should YOU!  Take advantage of this new menu offering, try some of Jimmy’s visionary good-for-you juice and/or smoothies and know that Starbucks has your well-being in mind with every new product and brand they keep introducing into the world… thanks to amazing people like Jimmy!

P.S.  Jimmy… I fully expect to hear that naming story and get that front seat ticket to your “Jimmy and the Juice” Ted Talk some day soon!  😉


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