Mid Week Munch – Colorado Style

Last week Colorado suffered severe flooding which happened right before I was to fly out for a trip. Needless to say I was a bit hesitant that this weeks Starbucks plans would happen.

But as soon as the flooding came in, it started to recede and I made it out to Colorado with great success after all!

This is what I was met with upon first arrival…

I lived in Boulder for years and love this city so much, so to see it’s raging river and mud-washed streets was sad to me. But as I’ve found this year at every turn the Starbucks partners were not only welcoming, joyful and reaching out to help each other and customers… they even carry this positive attitude when a natural disaster is in their own backyard!

The Boulder Starbucks team, who is also in the middle of a major remodel to get a Clover and become a Starbucks Evening, was more than happy to accommodate my need for the biggest Caramel Frappuccino possible after what was a positive but difficult morning!

I took some time reminiscing in my old home before and after my required appointments.

I also got to catch a movie (which doesn’t always happen as a mommy) and thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing moments with of course, Starbucks treats!

The one place I was really hoping to see while in Colorado was the Northglenn shipping container store. I did make it to the store right before my flight and was told by a partner that another shipping container is going up soon in Colorado Springs soon! AND, if that wasn’t good news enough that Colorado will have two stores… I just found out tonight from the Issaquah partners that a new SECOND recycling shipping container store is opening up in the next 10 days in the Seattle area too!

I’m of course trying to find out where the store will be, when exactly it’s opening, etc. because this concept of reusing materials, designing and opening recycled stores, focusing on more environmental and LEED certified environments I LOVE and want to support in any way I can!

The design of this store is very similiar to the first Seattle shipping container store… amazingly simple yet extremely beautiful in their unique aesthetics.

Of course no trip would be complete without some Starbucks to go! I love our local Alaska Airlines for serving up local tastes like Starbucks to welcome me back home.

This week I also have been given the extreme honor to meet Jimmy, the founder of Evolution Fresh! So stay tuned because I told you… this Starbucks party don’t stop, no matter what state your in!
*UPDATE* The second Seattle shipping container store is in the Federal Way area and opening SOON! I can’t wait!

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